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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment Head & Instrumentation & Neck Surgery 10 15 TECA Total Ear Canal Ablation Modular TECA Kerrison with 3 Inserts, Self Cleaning TECA Retractor - Pieter Nelissen Successful Total Ear Canal Ablation (TECA) depends on the complete removal of the ear canal including those parts of skin closely attached to the auditory meatus. Curettage is rarely completely sucessful. Most surgeons elect to remove the rim of the meatus together with any skin using rongeurs. Standard rongeurs with beak type jaws struggle to cut the very hard sclerotic bone of the area unless they are so big as to obscure the site of interest. Kerrison Type Punch Forceps are both small and powerful. The jaw design of V.I.’s TECA Kerrisons are designed for ear surgery. The tip of the insert is placed into the meatus and pushed against the rim. Closing the handles punches out a small segment of bone/ skin which is retained within the instrument. The insert is designed to rotate 360 degrees within the handle while remaining fully functional allowing the surgeon to remove the whole meatus rim without changing position or grip. The debris gradually moves up the self cleaning canal and may be removed when visible. The tips do not require cleaning after each bite as is the case with standard Kerrisons. Image courtesy of Pieter Nelissen, Dick White Referrals MODULAR TECA KERRISON WITH THREE INSERTS 1.5, 2.5 & 3.5MM Achieving adequate exposure is essential to the proper performance of lateral bulla osteotomy and debridement. Maintaining a dissection as close to the aural cartilages as possible helps avoid iatrogenic damage to the surrounding structures. In most cases, especially in broad headed breeds such as Shar Peis and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, this will mean working down a narrow and surprisingly deep corridor. 014800 014801 014802 014803 Modular TECA Kerrison with 3 Inserts Spare 1.5mm Inserts Spare 2.5mm Inserts Spare 3.5mm Inserts £427.45 £87.55 £87.55 £87.55 Mini-Friedman Following the suggestion from Pieter Nelissen of Dick White Referrals, we have developed a purpose made TECA Retractor based on our small gelpis. The 40mm long legs are at 80˚ to the handles to reach deep into the hole created. The cross-over tips are only 3mm across when closed enabling insertion with no edges protruding to snag tissues. TECA RETRACTOR 001338 TECA Retractor 105mm Long 40mm Cross-over Legs £180.25 Useful in bulla osteotomy. MINI-FRIEDMAN 1425 01 261 Mini-Friedman Rongeur Curved 3mm Bite 155mm Long £79.83