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15 Head 10 Dental&Equipment Neck Surgery & Instrumentation Soft Tissue Biopsy Forceps www.vetinst.com Hart Pinna Haematoma System Actual Size 8mm x 3.5mm bite Surgical management of aural haematomas is a common procedure in veterinary practice. Once drained the haematoma must be prevented from filling up again. In addition the layers of skin and cartilage must be supported during the healing phase to prevent the development of a cosmetically unacceptable crumpled ear flap. Designed to take samples of soft tissue masses from the ear or via the mouth. Fits down all usual aural speculae. Two sizes for most patients. Historically the layers are stitched, sometimes alone but also using buttons or xray film to spread the pressure evenly to restore the ear to as normal a state as possible. SOFT TISSUE BIOPSY FORCEPS 014087 014087A 014088 Cup Biopsy Forceps 2mm Diameter Shaft 75 x 3.6mm Cup Biopsy Forceps 2mm Diameter Shaft 100 x 3.6mm Cup Biopsy Forceps 3.5 x 8mm Shaft 105 x 5.6mm £139.05 £144.20 £149.35 Mini Gelpis Nick Hart, a veterinary practitioner, has spent a number of years developing a dedicated system which makes the procedure straight forward. The System comprises a pair of Clamp Forceps which apply a Fenestrated Plastic Implant under controlled pressure which is then stitched into place. Once the haematoma has been removed from the ear the pinna pads are inserted into the Forceps which are then applied to either side of the pinna. The amount of pressure is controlled using a thumb screw on the forceps. Too much pressure will cause necrosis, too little will allow re-filling. The suture needle and material of choice is passed through the holes in the pad and tied off in the usual way. The holes are unevenly sized to ease the passage of the needle which enters through the smaller hole and exits the larger hole on the ‘blind side’. The pads need to be loaded into the forceps accordingly. The Forceps are then removed leaving the pair of pads stitched in place. The process is repeated as necessary. Ideal for retraction in and around small joints or in very small patients. The curved version allows slightly deeper retraction. MINI GELPIS 0013301 0013302 Gelpi Mini Flat 45mm Spread 90mm Long Gelpi Mini Curved 45mm Spread 90mm Long HART AURAL HAEMATOMA SYSTEM £113.30 £118.45 014600 014601 014602 258 Hart Haematoma System (Forceps plus 24 Implants) Spare Implants Pack of 12 Sterile Spare Implants Pack of 24 Sterile £159.65 £9.27 £12.36