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Dental Equipment Head & Instrumentation & Neck Surgery 10 15 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Airway Surgery Tracheostomy Tube Soft Palate Clamp An overlong palate is a common cause of dyspnoea in the brachiocephalic dog. Shortening the soft palate in an atraumatic manner provides almost immediate relief. Where temporary or permanent upper airway obstruction occurs placement of a tracheostomy tube is a life saving procedure. Our Tubes are silver plated with a removable lining for easier cleaning. The Soft Palate Clamp was designed by Geoff Lane FRCVS. Metal tubes have a much thinner wall than plastic tubes. This becomes particularly critical in smaller patients. The jaws have a special atraumatic grip to hold the very slippery soft palate. TRACHEOSTOMY TUBE 014070 014071 014072 014073 014074 SOFT PALATE CLAMP 014040 014050 Soft Palate Clamps Large 26 x 12mm 170mm Long Soft Palate Clamps Small 18 x 7mm 170mm Long £123.60 £123.60 Tonsillectomy Clamp Tracheostomy Set (Silver Plate) (6,8,11) Tracheostomy Tubes 6mm (Silver Plate) Tracheostomy Tubes 8mm (Silver Plate) Tracheostomy Tubes 11mm (Silver Plate) Tracheostomy Tubes 13mm (Silver Plate) £324.45 £123.60 £128.75 £133.90 £139.05 Tracheostomy Tube Disposable Although wall thickness does restrict air flow in the smallest size, the Disposable Tracheostomy Tube can be a life saver. TRACHEOSTOMY TUBE DISPOSABLE Right Angled. Actu al Size 014076 2.5mm Internal Diameter 4.0mm External Diameter £37.60 014077 4.0mm Internal Diameter 6.0mm External Diameter £37.60 014078 5.5mm Internal Diameter 8.0mm External Diameter £37.60 014079 7.0mm Internal Diameter 10.0mm External Diameter £37.60 TRACHDISPSET Set of 4 Tracheostomy Tubes Disposable £123.60 Curved. The standard Negus clamp may be used in pairs for soft palate resection. A right angled version designed by Stephen Baines at the Willows is also available. TONSILLECTOMY CLAMP 014038 014039 Tonsillectomy Clamp Right Angle 190mm Long Tonsillectomy Clamp Curved 190mm Long Buster Starlight Diagnostic Set £61.29 £61.29 Satinsky Clamp A simple torch based set for easy intubation. Useful for intra-thoracic surgery, trimming soft palates and even ears. Atraumatic design maximises haemostasis and minimises trauma. BUSTER STARLIGHT DIAGNOSTIC SET 270500 SATINSKY CLAMP 2685/03 2685/05 Satinsky Clamps 20mm Jaw 160mm Long Satinsky Clamps 30mm Jaw 200mm Long £66.44 £66.44 257 Buster Starlight Diagnostic Torch 155mm £56.14