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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Kitty Kollar Tube Collar Stomach Tube Speculum - Feline/ Canine Speculum is useful for passing stomach tube in the conscious patient. The speculum is held in check by the canine teeth going through the two holes. Made of hardened Nylon. Can be cold sterilised for re-use. Available in 3 sizes or as a discounted set. Feline/ Small Dog 6mm opening will accept tubes up to18Fr Medium Dog 9mm opening will accept tubes up to 27Fr Large Dog 9mm opening will accept tubes up to 28Fr The placement of oesophagostomy ‘E’ feeding tubes is a growing modality in small animal medicine. Many ‘E’ Tubes have been successfully in place for years on some patients. The challenge of the ‘E’ Tube is its care and maintenance. STOMACH TUBE SPECULUM 014045 014046 014047 014SET £12.11 £12.11 £12.11 £30.90 Stomach Tube Speculum Cat/ Small Dog Stomach Tube Speculum Medium Dog Stomach Tube Speculum Large Dog Stomach Tube Speculum Set of 3 The Kitty Kollar was designed as a sensible solution to the everyday patient management of the ‘E’ Tube. The adjustable collar fits securely around the animal’s neck. It has a small hole for the ‘E’ Tube to pass through. A velcro strap secures or holds the ‘E’ Tube flat when not in use. Circular cotton pads with a center hole are provided to be placed between the collar and the skin. They protect the wound and absorb drainage eliminating the need for owners to learn bandage techniques or repeated clinic visits for rebandaging. These small animal feeding tubes are useful in longer term nutritional support. Includes 6 protector pads and laminated instruction card. Small Animal Nasogastric Feeding Tube These Small Animal Feeding Tubes are useful in longer term nasogastric nutritional support. Transparent plasic. rounded closed tip with two opposing lateral eyes. Luer syringe connector with attached plug. Supplied sterile in Packs of 5. Cats and Small Dogs Small/ Medium Dogs Medium/ Large Dogs Large Dogs Pack of 5 Pack of 5 Pack of 5 Pack of 5 5Fr x 37cm 8Fr x 37cm 5Fr x 99cm 8Fr x 105cm CIRCUMFERENCE OF NECK IN INCHES LENGTH OF COLLAR + TAB IN INCHES SIZE KTK-XS 4 - 7” 5.5” + 2” X-SMALL KTK-PF 8 - 9” 9” + 2” PETITE KTK-F 10 - 12” 11” + 2” SMALL KTK-M 12 - 16” 13” + 3” MEDIUM KTK-L 17 - 19” 18.5” + 3” LARGE KTK-XL 20 - 24” 21” + 3.5” X-LARGE KITTY KOLLAR SMALL ANIMAL NASOGASTRIC FEEDING TUBE 014041 014042 014043 014044 CODE KTK-XS KTK-PF KTK-F KTK-M KTK-L KTK-XL KTK-PADS £14.94 £14.94 £14.94 £14.94 Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - X-small Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - Petite Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - Small Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - Medium Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - Large Kitty Kollar Tube Collar - X-large Spare Replacement Pads - Pack of 24 £22.15 £22.15 £22.15 £26.15 £30.15 £34.15 £10.30 PVC Stomach Tube This Stomach Tube is primarily used in foals but should be in every practice’s emergency kit, for the rare but drastic true emergency gastric dilatation +/volvulus in large deep-chested dogs. Another example of ‘every practice should have one!’ 1/4” i.d. 3/8” o.d x 7’ Long. PVC STOMACH TUBE EQSTF 254 PVC Stomach Tube £24.21