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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation The SUB™ - A Subcutaneous Ureteral ByPass System www.vetinst.com THE SUB™ NOR-SUB1001K NOR-SUB2001K NOR-BC-7 NOR-LL6.5 NOR-SUBPORT NOR-SUB-PP-3001K NOR-GW-035 1050052 Sub Device - Cats & Small Dogs Sub Device - Larger Dogs Bladder Catheter 7FR Kidney (Pigtail) Catheter 6.5FR 3 Way Sub Port only 3 Way PantsPort Sub Kit with Catheter J Tipped 0.035” Guide Wire Histoacryl Tissue Glue (Pack of 5) £293.55 £293.55 £56.65 £56.65 £180.25 £375.95 £22.66 £139.05 Huber Needles The SUBTM is a unique system designed for use in dogs and cats. Components of the device are a locking loop pigtail catheter that is placed in the renal pelvis, a fenestrated and cuffed bladder catheter, and a titanium Shunting Port which is positioned subcutaneously. This allows sampling and flushing to be carried out percutaneously. The kidney catheter has an 8mm locking pigtail and tapered tip, to allow easier placement. A metal stiffening cannula and trochar stylet is included. The radiopaque medical grade polyurethane catheter has a marker band at the loop heel for visualisation using fluoroscopy during placement. A version for larger dogs is available with a longer locking loop catheter. This is 38cm compared to the 18cm in the standard kits. The bladder catheter is made of radiopaque silicone, again visible under fluoroscopy. A new addition is a radio-opaque &W"FR&FFW 6FWFW"Fr7W&vV2F6f&FRfVW7G&F2&RFP&FFW"FW6R7V66&rVVFW2&R&WV&VBF66W72FR6Ɩ6P6WGVbFR6'BvFWBFRFvR766FVBvFG&FFVVFW2FW&R6v2FVfV7FVBBVVFW2vVvFG&vgFW"W6RFR6WGV&R6V2G6Vb2FWFW'2&W2b"ࠤF6F2f"W6R6VFRW&WFW&7G&7GW&W2BW&WFW&7FVB&V7F"FW&6RB26G&F6FVBvW&R6wVF"֖@G&W&62&R&W6VBFFF66W76&W2&Rf&RFr"FW6FWFW'2F&P6V7FVBF&FFW"6FWFW"ࠤT$U"TTDU0"bs#"sP"bs#""bs#sP"bs#"bssP"bs7W&v6wVFRBgW'FW"f&F2f&RƖRBwwrfWF7B6Bwwr&fƷfWG&GV7G26Р#SV&W"VVFR#&r2N( &6&b V&W"VVFR#&r( &6&b V&W"VVFR#r2N( Vr&b V&W"VVFR#r( Vr&b V&W"VVFRr2N( '&v&b V&W"VVFRr( '&v&b *3#2*3#2*3#2*3#2*3#2*3#2