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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation Drains & Drainage www.vetinst.com Thora-Cath Chest Tubes A soft silicon chest tube for pneumothorax or haemothorax. 140mm length, graduated at 10mm lengths with radiopaque strip for easy placement. Universal hub connects to standard barbed connector with female luer lock. Also recommended to be used with 3 Way Stopcock. 3 diameters available. Vacuum Drains Concertina Type Appropriate drainage will make the difference between success and failure, particularly with thoracic surgery. The whole system can be strapped to the patient. Concertina type action creates suction. Each kit includes the drain. THORA-CATH CHEST TUBES 025612 025613 025614 025618 025619 VACUUM DRAINS CONCERTINA TYPE 014062 014063 Vacuum Drainage Kit 50ml 2.5mm Diameter Tube Complete Disposable £9.22 Vacuum Drainage Kit 20ml 2.0mm Diameter Tube Complete Disposable £10.25 Thora-Cath Chest Tubes 3.2mm Inner Diameter Thora-Cath Chest Tubes 4mm Inner Diameter Thora-Cath Chest Tubes 4.67mm Inner Diameter Standard Barbed Connector with Female Luer Lock 3 Way Stopcock £43.78 £46.35 £48.93 £5.10 £2.53 Drain Clamps Vacuum Drains – Jackson Pratt Type Tube Clamp Gate Clamp For rapid, complete occlusion use artery forcep style. Where incremental adjustments are required use the Gate Type. DRAIN CLAMPS 101776 014066 VACUUM DRAINS – JACKSON PRATT TYPE 014058 014059 Vacuum Drainage Kit 100ml 3.2mm Diameter Tube Complete Sterile Semi-disposable £36.57 Vacuum Drainage Kit 200ml 4.8mm Diameter Tube Complete Sterile Semi-disposable £36.57 Tube Clamp 190mm 7.5” 190mm Long Gate Clamp £30.39 £5.10 Ameroid Constrictors Ameroid Constrictors Pre-Evacuated Bottle Drains The 400ml Bottle is supplied pre-evacuated complete with perforated drain and introducing needle. The Bottle creates a much higher vacuum more appropriate for chest drains. Used exclusively in the surgical treatment of hepatic shunts, the ameroid constrictor gradually occludes the blood vessel in question allowing the circulation to make adjustments. The clay layer expands as it absorbs water constricting the blood vessel within. Supplied sterile. Insertion of metal locking key prevents constrictor from slipping from blood vessel. Selection of Ameroid Constrictor. Once the portosystemic shunt has been identified and expos