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Dental Equipment & Soft Instrumentation Tissue Surgery15 9 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Lone Star Ring Retractor Ring Retractor The Lone Star Retractor is widely used by soft tissue surgeons including Alasdair Hotston Moore and Rob White. The outer slotted ring is hinged to allow conformation to the body shape and to direct the angle of traction of the bungee-type elastic stays. The outer ring segments are manufactured from Noryl resin is supplied sterile and many surgeons re-autoclave. The silicone bungees will tolerate some autoclaving. The elastic stays are manufactured from flexible silicone with the stainless steel hook moulded into an ergonomic finger grip. The silicone shaft is grasped by the slots in the outer ring in an infinite number of positions. The stays may be used to retract different layers of soft tissue with differing tensions and angle of pull. The whole system sits neatly on top of the patient without obscuring the operative field. Some abdominal approaches require a more complex retraction system than a simple Balfour or Gossett. The V.I. Ring Retractor allows the surgeon to place hooked retractor strips around the periphery of a surgical incision which may then be tensioned individually and retained around the edge of the ring. The standard segments creates a square 14cm x 14cm. An extended version creates a rectangle 25cm x 14cm which can be reduced to a square 14cm x 14cm. The Ring is laser cut from stainless steel which is thin enough to mould to the profile of the patient. Slots are cut every 15mm around the periphery of the ring into which lock one or more retractor strips. Case: Alasdair Hotston Moore Parotid Salivary Gland Resection Lone Star used during an exploratory laparotomy in a case of feline peritonitis. Case: Alasdair Hotston Moore Case: Alasdair Hotston Moore Prepubic tendon rupture repair The Strips are manufactured from silicon with a stainless hook. The strips are autoclavable but will require periodic replacement. All the Rings fit into a standard ‘Little Sister’ type autoclave. An Extra Large Ring (220 x 250mm) which can be folded has been added to the range. Once folded the ring will again fit into a standard ‘Little Sister’ Autoclave. Please Note:VI Sterile Hooks are compatible with other retractor systems. RING RETRACTOR LONE STAR RETRACTOR 702SET 702000 705SET 705000 702001 702002 Lone Star Basic Ring Set includes Ring (14 x 14cm) and 50 Stays Lone Star Basic Ring Lone Star Rectangle Set includes Ring (25 x 14cm) and 50 Stays Lone Star Rectangle Lone Star Elastic Stays 50 x Sterile (Single) Lone Star Elastic Stays 10 x Sterile (Single) 701700 701701 701702 701703 701704 701HOOK £592.25 £87.55 £602.55 £97.85 £520.15 £128.75 247 Basic Set including 3 Standard Rings 200 x 130mm, 160 x 85mm & 110 x 40mm Internal and 10 Sterile Hooks £190.55 Large Ring 200 x 130mm Internal £72.10 Medium Ring 160 x 85mm Internal £69.53 Small Ring 110 x 40mm Internal £66.95 X Large Ring 220 x 250mm Internal £92.70 Set of 10 of Sterile Hooks £29.50