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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Bowel Clamps Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor Doyen Bowel Clamp & Silicone Shoes Autoclavable soft Silicone Shoes created to fit the Doyen Bowel Clamps, making the Doyen more atraumatic. Ribs maximise grip. DOYEN BOWEL CLAMP & SILICONE SHOES The Gelpi is an extremely versatile self retaining retractor useful in almost any orthopaedic procedure.Veterinary Instrumentation Gelpis are different from standard Gelpis in two respects: 201950 201955 EXTR201950/3 EXTR201950/10 EXTR201950/20 1.Short blunt tips give focal retraction for precise exposure of the fracture or lesion. £77.25 £82.40 £10.30 £20.60 £39.14 Bowel Clamps Doyen Str 9.5” 24cm Bowel Clamps Doyen Cof 9.5” 24cm Silicone Shoe for Doyen Bowel Clamps 3 Pairs Silicone shoe for Doyen Bowel Clamps 10 pairs Silicone shoe for Doyen Bowel Clamps 20 pairs 2. The teeth on the ratchet are smaller than usual giving finer control over the spread of the tips. Gelpis are virtually an extra pair of hands and are invaluable where the surgeon is working without a scrubbed assistant. The curved shape fits nicely on our patients. Useful in the following procedures and many more: • Total Femoral Head and Neck Excision • CrCL repairs • Meniscal examination • All arthrotomy procedures • Fracture repairs • Wobblers • Laminectomies •R  ib retractors in small patients Atraumatic Small Bowel Clamp Jaw design gently holds and seals the bowel with a minimum of pressure and trauma. The fine ratchet facilitates gentle yet secure application. Two pairs of Gelpis placed at right angles to one another may be used to create a window into a joint or fracture site. Str Cof Gelpis are available in a number of lengths. Measurement ‘a’ gives the depth of the tips. ATRAUMATIC SMALL BOWEL CLAMP 222165 222170 Bowel Clamps Small Animal Atraumatic Str 170mm Long Bowel Clamps Small Animal Atraumatic Cof 170mm Long £84.98 £90.13 Resano Bowel Clamp RESANO BOWEL CLAMP 201956 GELPI SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 001330 001330SL 001330S 001331 001331L 001332 0013301 0013302 001333 001334 001330BUNGEE Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor 180mm 120mm Spread (a=20mm) Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor with Spinlock for Extra Strength 190mm (a=20mm) Gelpi Self Retaining Retractor 180mm Sharp Tips (a=20mm) Gelpi Long Reach 200mm (a=40mm) Gelpi Very Long Reach 200mm (a=60mm) Gelpi Small 50mm Spread 135mm (a=15mm) Gelpi Mini Flat 45mm Spread 90mm (a=15mm) Gelpi Mini Curved 45mm Spread 90mm (a=15mm) Odd Leg Gelpi Pair 205mm (a=25/40mm) Odd Leg Gelpi Short Pair) 130mm (a20/30) Gelpi Bungee Retractor Resano Bowel Clamp 250mm Long £53.05 Lloyd Davis Bowel Clamp £175.10 £175.10 £175.1