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15General 1 Dental Equipment Instrumentation & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Towel Clips Ryder Needleholders Backhaus Towel Clip BACKHAUS 841350 841355 841360 Backhaus 9cm 3.5” Backhaus 10cm 4” Backhaus 12.5cm 5” £23.18 £25.24 £30.39 Cross Action Towel Clips Ideal for small needles. The smaller sizes are an alternative for ophthalmic needleholders. RYDER 606340 606305 606345 606350 Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 12.5cm 5” Ryder (Micro) 15cm 6” Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 15cm 6” Ryder (Micro) T.C. Jaws 18cm 7” £100.00 £97.85 £105.58 £108.15 SHARDEL CROSS ACTION TOWEL CLIP Derf Needle Holder 846550 Shardel Cross Action 9cm 3.5” £14.94 JONES CROSS ACTION TOWEL CLIP 171566 Jones Cross Action 9cm 3.5” £12.88 Atraumatic Towel Clip The Derf Needleholder is a small T.C. needleholder with slightly heavier jaws than the Ryder. More resistant to surgeon abuse! DERF NEEDLE HOLDER 607010 Derf Needleholder T.C. Jaws 12cm £90.00 Galibans Suture Forceps Non puncturing but will bruise if not used with care ATRAUMATIC TOWEL CLIP 841352 Atraumatic Towel Clip 4.5” £26.78 Ball and Socket Towel Clamp Use when placing sutures under tension. A good example is the placement of a lateral stabilising suture in the management of anterior cruciate ligament failure or abdominal sutures in an overweight dog. Galibans used by an assistant are used to atraumatically secure the first throw. The Galibans are removed as the second throw is tightened. Designed for use on drapes only, for drape to drape anchorage. Less likely to cause tears, particularly with disposable drapes. GALIBANS SUTURE HOLDING FORCEPS BALL AND SOCKET TOWEL CLAMP 58900 Galibans Suture Holding Forceps £49.50 843005 10 Ball and Socket Towel Clamp 5” £12.11