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Dental Equipment & Soft Instrumentation Tissue Surgery15 9 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Spay Kits Spay Retractors Hauptman Retractors It is convenient and cheaper to purchase your spay packs as kits. We appreciate that instrument selection is a matter of personal choice so if you wish to adjust the contents to suit your practice that is fine. We will customise the Kits to your requirements. Provided the number of instruments stay the same there will be no additional charge assuming that the changes are ‘like for like’. Feline Spay Kit Canine Spay Kit Stainless Autoclave Case Metz Scissor Str 14.5cm Sturdy type Spay Forceps Adson Rat Tooth Forceps Halstead Mosquito Forceps x 2 Fenestrated Drape Cross Action Towel Clips x 2 Olsen Hegars 15.5cm Spencer Wells cof x 2 Scalpel Handle No. 3 Stainless Autoclave Case Curved Hysterectomy Clamps x 2 Mayo Scissors 14cm Straight Rat Toothed Treves 14cm Spencer Wells 14cm Curved x 4 Allis Tissue Forceps x 2 Fenestrated Drape Olsen Hegars 16.5cm Cross Action Towel Clips x 4 Scalpel Handle No. 3 SPAY KITS SPAYFEL SPAYCAN Cased Feline Spay Kit Cased Canine Spay Kit £283.25 £406.85 Miscellaneous Obstetrical Items Miss Freakes Whelping Forceps Hobdays Obstetric Forceps for cats Killian Bitch Speculum This Retractor designed by Joe Hauptman at Michigan maintains distal retraction of the ovary during ligation of the ovarian pedicle. This is the crucial part of the procedure which can be a challenge for even experienced surgeons. This Retractor simplifies the task considerably. Vectis Double Ended For a free CD on the technique phone or e-mail info@vetinst.com MISCELLANEOUS OBSTETRICAL ITEMS 014310 546465 546466 546468 546455 HAUPTMAN RETRACTOR 014400 014410 014420 Small Hauptman Retractor 10mm Blade Medium Hauptman Retractor 15mm Blade Large Hauptman Retractor 20mm Blade £139.05 £139.05 £139.05 241 Miss Freakes Whelping Forceps 260mm Long Hobdays Obstetric Forceps for Cats 150mm Long Hobdays Obstetric Forceps for Dogs 210mm Long Obstetric Vectis Double-ended 240mm Long Killian Bitch Speculum Blade Length 650mm Long (2½”) £68.50 £68.50 £68.50 £5305 £68.50