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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Thoracic Surgery Kit - as used by the Cambridge Vet School Disgorger - Canine Working inside the chest of medium and large dogs will require extended instrumentation. The instruments listed below represent a reasonable kit. In addition a pair of rib retractors will be required. Other useful instruments include extra long Metzenbaum scissors and right angled forceps (Lahey cholecystectomy clamp and small right angled forceps). Various specialist items are listed. THORACIC SURGERY KIT - AS USED BY THE CAMBRIDGE VET SCHOOL Ingested fish-hooks are seen commonly in many practices. If they are stuck in the oesophagus, they can be challenging to remove, even with endoscopy. Although very much larger, our disgorger is of a design that will be familiar to many fishermen. The device allows for the hook point to be pushed back out of the wall of the oesophagus the way it came and then either retrieved via the mouth, or if it is a multi-pointed hook, to be gently pushed into the stomach for removal via a gastrotomy. 106205 105415 754060 754120 342020 347665 602010 347655 2685/03 2685/05 CAMTHORKIT DISGORGER - CANINE 014010 Disgorger Canine 10mm Total Length 800mm £100.43 45 Degree Curved Forceps 220mm 90 Degree Curved Forceps 245mm Metz Scissors Str 235mm T.C. Metz Scissors Curved 235mm T.C. DeBakey Thumb Forceps 205mm Rat Tooth Thumb Forceps 205mm Debakey Needleholders T.C. 200mm Dressing Forceps 205mm Satinsky Clamps 160mm long 20mm jaw Satinsky Clamps 200mm long 30mm jaw All the above in a stainless steel case £45.84 £45.84 £83.95 £83.95 £56.14 £33.48 £102.49 £29.36 £66.44 £66.44 £489.25 Spencer Wells Standard veterinary artery forceps. SPENCER WELLS 106600 106605 106610 106615 106620 106621 238 Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Str 12.5cm 5” Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Str 15cm 6” Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Str 18cm 7” Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Str 20cm 8” Spencer Wells Artery Forceps Str 23cm 9” Spencer Wells Artery Forceps 7G"36.( А*3#Bs *3#r3*333*33c`*3S"S0*3cbC@