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Dental Equipment & Soft Instrumentation Tissue Surgery15 9 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Foreign Body Oesophascope The oesophascope allows the surgeon to see the foreign body and is large enough to ease the bone back out through the mouth. Without a large tube the bone traumatises the oesophagus as it is withdrawn. Two versions are available: Basic. Simply a long tube with an atraumatic lip at the mouth. Using this version either an external light source must be shone down the tube or a fiber optic or LED light source must be passed down to illuminate the foreign body. Fibre Optic. In this version the lip at the mouth of the oesophascope includes fibre optics to allow direct illumination of the problem. The oesophascope may be connected to your existing endoscopic light source by means of a fibre optic cable (Storz or Wolf fitting). Alternatively an LED light handle may be attached making the oesophascope free of cabling. Each version of the Oesophascope is available as a boxed set of three instruments plus a Cleaning Brush. 1. 29mm x 450mm Long 2. 29mm x 300mm Long 3. 20mm x 300mm Long The LED Light Handle is supplied with a Storz fitting and may also be used to illuminate arthroscopes, laparoscopes and rhinoscopes. Adaptors are available for other light fittings. OESOPHASCOPE OESSETB Oesophascope Set Basic No Fibre Optic OESSETFO Oesophascope Set Basic Fibre Optic Version OESLH LED Light Source Handle £4448.35 £1,107.25 £849.75 FO Oesophascope with LED Handle FO Oesophascope with FO cable Handle Flexible LED Camera The flexible probe is taped along the length of the selected foreign body forceps leaving the LED lights and the camera lens just behind the jaws. The forceps are then directed using the image in the monitor. Once the diagnosis of oesophageal foreign body has been made it is a challenge to see and grasp the bone prior to withdrawal or pushing into the stomach. The lining of the oesophagus is usually traumatised and friable. Repeated ‘blind’ attempts are likely to end in tragedy even if the foreign body is retrieved. The camera allows you to see exactly what you are doing so that you can lock onto the bone rather than damage the oesophageal wall. The Flexible Camera with incorporated LED light source enables the surgeon to direct the foreign body forceps into position and grab the bone ready for retrieval. The image is viewed on a bright 50mm x 35mm monitor. Alternatively the video output may be fed into a standard monitor or computer for viewing or image capture. To further minimise trauma to the oesophagus the Flexible LED Camera should be used in conjunction with the Oesophascope. FLEXIBLE LED CAMERA LEDFC Flexible LED Camera £355.35 237