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15Soft 9 Dental Tissue Equipment Surgery & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Thoracic Surgery Foreign Body Retrieval Forceps “One day you will need one of these” 014097 014097M 014097F 014097XF 014097XXF Our family of Foreign Body Retrieval Forceps has grown! We now offer a range of forceps to cover every eventuality from a bone in the oesophagus of a large dog to a grass seed in a cat trachea. Dia at Jaws (mm) Length at Jaws (mm) Shaft Dia (mm) Shaft Length (mm) 014097 13.0 x 9.0 34 7.5 x 6.0 640 014097M 11.5 x 6.0 31 6.5 x 5.0 500 014097F 5.6 x 4.2 15.5 4.0 x 3.0 400 014097XF 4.5 11.5 3.5 400 014097XXF 3.3 8.0 2.5 220 The Forceps may be guided by rigid or flexible endoscopes or fluoroscopy. In exceptional cases retrieval may be achieved by ‘feel’. It is helpful to inflate the oesophagus prior to withdrawal of spiky objects.Video of Alasdair Hotson-Moore of Bath Veterinary Referrals locating and retrieving a bone body may be viewed at www.vetinst.com/videos The teeth face bac v&G2f"Vw&vV66VBFRw2&PG&VF2f"֖FvRFFRW6wW2"G&6VFR( RFRvVVBFW6^( &VfV7G2W"WW&V6RbFW7W&FPR62v6VBW26VFr"bf&Vv&Gf&6W2'6PF6W&W"Bw&VBWV6R( "t&6v&Bf6rFVWFf Vw&( "tw2&RWFW&ǐG&VF0( "u6gBFWFW"26076&P( "t&vRf&6W2w2&PvVBvV66VB6FBvVVFW6@֖BW6wW2Fb66R6F"G7F&Pd$Tt$E$UE$Udd$4U0CpCtАCt`Cu`Cu`f&Vv&G&WG&Wff&6W0f&Vv&G&WG&Wff&6W0f&Vv&G&WG&Wff&6W0f&Vv&G&WG&Wff&6W0f&Vv&G&WG&Wff&6W06gBVwFcCАSАCАCА##А*3#P*3Rs*3SP*3SP*3SP#3`