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Dental Equipment Physiotherapy & Instrumentation & Rehabilitation15 8 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Mobility Carts Wobble Cushions & Wobble/ Rocker Boards. Trolleys to support dogs’ hind limbs in the event of partial or total loss of mobility. The main function of Wobble Cushions, Boards and Rockers is to improve proprioception and re-educate balance. They provide a challenging surface to stand on, aiding co-ordination, strength and circulation and are a useful rehabilitation aid. Characteristics: - Welded, galvanized metal and aluminium chassis - Height and length adjustable - Adjustable straps - Synthetic protective fur, removable for washing - Soft rubber wheels - Reinforcement hoop to lift the animal and to help it to cross the pavement. WOBBLE CUSHIONS AND WOBBLE ROCKER BOARD SETS PY091338540 PYXET73T PYXET736 Dynair Senso Wobble Cushion 36cm Green Rocker Board Wobble Board £29.36 £39.66 £39.66 Indications: - Paralysis or paresis of dogs’ rear limbs, particularly in German Shepherds, Labradors, Dachshunds, Poodles, Fox Terriers etc. Theraband Exercise Ball Range - Functional re-education following a slipped disc - Temporary immobilization of the rear limbs following surgery or injury, fitting a plaster cast, a splint, external fixators, etc... On request: - Axle offset to improve the mobility of a handicapped animal, allowing use of the hind feet - Inflatable wheels for the large model - Model for cats - Model made to measure with the following information: Theraband Anti-burst balls are a range of exercise therapy balls that may be used as a rehabilitation/ physiotherapy aid to help improve an animal’s muscular strength and to help achieve functional movements and postures. The patient’s body responds to the balls movements using muscles, especially core muscles, to retain balance. The exercise balls can be used to help improve co-ordination, balance and flexibility. Assisted exercises may aid a patient’s muscular strength for standing and walking and may be beneficial for patients that are unable to stand and walk independently. A pump is required for initial inflation and maintenance. 1. Thoracic strap, circumference of chest behind point of elbow 2. Space between the front and back feet 3. Height under the tail CANIS-MOBILE CODE 260400 260402 260404 1 (Circumference mm) Small Dog 410 max Medium Dog 660 max Large Dog 900 max THERABAND EXERCISE BALL RANGE PY091342310 PY091342328 PY091342336 PY091342344 PY091342351 PYTEBSET PYAA9055 Theraband Exercise Ball 45cm Theraband Exercise Ball 55cm Theraband Exercise Ball 65cm Theraband Exercise Ball 75cm Theraband Exercise Ball 85cm Theraband Exercise Ball Set (One of each) Air Pump (required) £18.54 £21.12 £23.69 £30.39 £36.57 £108.15 £15.45 Physio-Roll Ball Range Image - Stacey Dallywater. The Physio-Roll is a variation on the traditional shaped spherical exercise ball. Due to the ‘peanutlike’ shape, the movement of the ball is limited to side to side and forwards and backwards providing greater stability. A pump is required for initial inflation and maintenance. 1 PHYSIO-ROLL BALL RANGE PYAA9081A Physio-Roll Ball 300mm Blue PYAA9081B Physio-Roll Ball 400mm Red PYAA9081C Physio-Roll Ball 550mm Yellow PYAA9081D Physio-Roll Ball 700mm Blue PYAA9081E Physio-Roll Ball 850mm Red PYRBSET Physio-Roll Ball Set (one of each) PYAA9055 Air Pump (required) £44.81 £44.81 £60.26 £75.71 £86.01 £262.65 £15.45 3 2 233 2 3 min/max min/max 160/260mm 170/270mm 250/350mm 240/380mm 350/500mm 410/560mm Price £458.35 £489.25 £540.75