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15Physiotherapy 8 Dental Equipment & Rehabilitation & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Goniometer Electro-Muscle Stimulation Unit and Self Adhesive Electrodes. The Goniometer may be used to measure pre and post-op range of motion of joints together with the effect of physiotherapy. Clients may use to measure progress. 360˚ measurement. GONIOMETER GONIO GONIO2 Goniometer 6”/ 150mm (illustrated) Goniometer 12”/ 300mm £17.00 £25.75 Canine Icer™ - Stifle Icer. The E.M.S. Series 3 Unit provides an electrical impulse which causes muscle contraction. This provides a wide range of benefits including increasing muscle strength and the range of movement of joints and can be of particular use for patients with musculoskeletal injuries, peripheral neuropathies and post-operative rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery. The primary use is to help attenuate muscle atrophy, re-educate muscle function and strengthen muscles. Not to be confused with the TENS machine. Features of EMS Series 3 Unit: • Large clear digital display • Easy to use 1 touch operation. • Protective control cover The Stifle Icer allows you to apply a consistent, even application of cold therapy to the stifle joint and surrounding muscles. It can be used following surgery such as cruciate surgery or an injury and can aid recovery by helping reduce inflammation and oedema. The Icer is custommade of strong and insulating Neoprene® or Denier Cordura® Fabric with a soft lining of cotton Lycra® pockets that holds the ice packs. The Stifle Icer is held in place with Velc &*v6w2VFW7F&ƗG࠮( "6VV7F&RFW367FB72BFW&FR( "RV"v'&GVBǒ&GFW'vW&VB&W6VVB6VbFW6fRVV7G&FW2&Rf&RTT5E$U44R5DTDT@3c#Cc`3c#sc03c#sp6VBVV7G&W66R7FVFVB26W&W0 *3CR@VV7G&FRfWG&FRf'&2RV66bB*3R0VV7G&FRfWG&FRƗFRRV66bB*3R0FFF6R62&Rf&Rf"W"6R6W.(J V7W&VVG2VwFg&FvF64R4U"5DdR4U wVƖ6V7W&rFP42042А4242Մ4ԕ7FfR6W"666^( Ғ6~( ҒvF6R67FfR6W"VFV6҃r#^( Ғ#66( ҒvF6R67FfR6W"&vR#F6#^( Ғ#6( ҒvF6R67FfR6W"&vR#6( ҒvF6R67&R6R6C6n( Ғ#66( Ґ*3C"sP*3C"sP*3C"sP*3C"sP*326R6W.(J"VrvVvB7Vfg0FR6R6W.(J"VrvVvBw&6&R6VBBBFPF~( 2VrV6w&6F26W&FRvVvB&rbVFW"" BVrvVvG26&fFRWG&&W67F6RB6&RW6VB26FW&BFRwVƖ6V7W&rFRW2BV7f"fWFW&'&fW762F67W&FVǒB&WVF&ǒV7W&Rf&W2&GFV62BVƖ֖FW0FRwVW77v&'ǖrvVBbFV6FFFPV7W&rFRࠥvVvG26VBǒ&RW6VBVFW"F&V7B7WW'f6'fWFW&'7W&vV"6FW&7B4R4U"TrtTtB5Tde042042А42uTĔ4T5U$rDPuTĔ4wVƖ6V7W&rFRFVcs#*3SbcP#3 VwvVvB7Vfg26f"Fw2r"VFW"VwvVvB7Vfg2VFVf"Fw2rCrVwvVvB7Vfg2&vRCr*3#2c*3#2c*3#2c