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Dental Equipment Physiotherapy & Instrumentation & Rehabilitation15 8 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Help ‘Em up Harness K9 Float Coat The use of water treadmills and/ or swimming as non weight bearing exercise are becoming increasingly popular in canine rehabilitation. Necessary precautions should include the use of a quality life preserver with the means of rapid removal from the water. The Float Coat has a durable nylon shell with an ergonomic fit. The coat has high buoyancy and a low profile assistance handle. The handle and coat are strong enough to support and lift the dog from the water. Secured by quick release buckles the Float Coat is supplied in green. Also useful for dogs who love the water but are not as strong a swimmer as they used to be. Two handle support assistance harness. Fully adjustable, with neoprene/ mesh/ microfleece pads. Ergonomic sternal T pad, neoprene strap sleeves with microfleece high friction areas. Belly band standard (bitches or most males) and U (males with penis level with or between hind legs) K9 FLOAT COAT CODE 02978A 02978B 02978C 02978D 02978F 02978G SIZE XXS XS S M L XL GIRTH LENGTH VET PRICE 12”-19” 9” £64.38 17”-24” 12” £64.38 23”-30” 16” £64.38 27”-32” 21” £77.25 31”-40” 25” £77.25 35”-48” 35” £77.25 RRP £105.00 £105.00 £105.00 £115.00 £115.00 £115.00 Machine washable, air drying recommended See www.vetinst.com for sizing or call 0845 130 9695 U Band available on request. HELP ‘EM UP HARNESS HEU-S HEU-M HEU-L HEU-XL Measurements: Girth = measurement around widest part of ribcage. Length = distance from back of neck to the base of tail. Help ‘Em Up Harness Small - Red Flash Help ‘Em Up Harness Medium - Orange Flash Help ‘Em Up Harness Large - Blue Flash Help ‘Em Up Harness Extra Large - Gold Flash £108.15 £113.30 £118.45 £123.60 Web Master Harness Handy Canis Harness The safe use of hydrotherapy should include either a float coat or, for experienced swimmers, a safety harness. Patients should not be swimming with a simple collar. The Web Master Harness is comfortable and cushioned in all the right areas but strong enough to lift the dog from the water. Manufactured from heavy duty nylon with quick release buckle. Designed with hydrotherapy in mind but also useful as a mobility assist in any dog unsure of its footing into cars or up steps etc. Colour is black and red. A simple harness which provides balance and support whilst helping minimise owner’s back strain. WEB MASTER HARNESS CODE 02979A 02979B 02979C 02979D 02979E SIZE XXS XS S M L GIRTH LENGTH VET PRICE 12”-19” 10” £59.23 17”-24” 13” £59.23 18”-30” 16” £59.23 23”-36” 19” £64.38 31”-48” 22” £64.38 RRP £90.00 £90.00 £90.00 £105.00 £105.00 HANDY CANIS HARNESS 227250 227252 227254 227256 227258 231 XS Yorkshire Terrier £27.30 S Dachshund £28.33 M Basset Hound £29.36 L Retriever, German Shepherd £30.39 XL St Bernard £31.93