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Dental Equipment Physiotherapy & Instrumentation & Rehabilitation15 8 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Thermo Plastic Splinting Tarso-Flex X Tarso-Flex X are a range of supports designed. to stablise and support the tarsal. Marq-Easy Thermo Plastic Splinting Rectangular Sheets Thick Tarsal Wrap with versatile support. Neoprene. Velcro closure. Self adhesive foam padding. Nylon support wraps are placed on outer wrap for additional support. Easily fitted & cleaned. More info on www.therapaw.com TARSO-FLEX X CODE 200080 200081 200082 Size Max Tibia Price S 14cm £90.13 The wide variety of shapes and sizes of animal patients makes splinting M 16.5cm £92.70 a challenge. Thermal plastic, widely used in human medicine, is heated in L 21.5cm £95.28 hot water and moulded to a specific custom shape for the patient. The thermal plastic material is available in a variety of rectangular- sized flat sheets. White. Splints MARQ-EASY THERMO PLASTIC SPLINTING RECTANGULAR SHEETS Padded Splints 940A 940B 940C Made from green foam lined plastic, splints provide temporary first aid support until surgery is appropriate. Thermo Plastic Splinting Sheet - 1/8” Thick 4” x 9” For narrow long legs Thermo Plastic Splinting Sheet - 1/8” Thick 6” x 12” Thermo Plastic Splinting Sheet - 1/8” Thick 12” x 24” £19.06 £30.90 £95.28 Velcro Straps Alternatively use for longer term support where other forms of fixation are inappropriate. Use in areas that do not require dressing to help hold the splint in proper position. Kit includes Velcro 1” x 36” strap and 12” hook patch with one side adhesive. Both can be trimmed to customise the splint. VELCRO STRAPS PADDED SPLINTS 090120 090121 090122 940V £5.67 £6.18 £6.70 Padded Splint Small 210mm Long Padded Splint Medium 310mm Long Padded Splint Large 410mm Long £10.05 Velcro Straps Compact Foam Lining Adjustable Thomas Splints Used for temporary stabilisation of fractures, particularly of the proximal limb pending internal/ external fixation. This special foam padding with one adhesive side can be placed into the splint for patient comfort. May also be used as sole means of fracture management where severity of fracture or economics preclude a more sophisticated repair. Blue. 16” x 24” x 3/8” thickness. Take care not to allow distal ring to sit at fracture site. COMPACT FOAM LINING Stainless steel manufacture. Splint is adjustable for length. 940X 940CD Hind Leg Size 1 Hind Leg Size 2 Hind Leg Size 3 Hind Leg Size 4 Fore Leg Size 2 Fore Leg Size 3 Fore Leg Size 4 (diameter of circle mm) 100 120 150 160 100 140 180 £40.69 FREE Thermo Plastic Splinting Starter Kit ADJUSTABLE THOMAS SPLINTS 272100 272110 272120 272130 272140 272150 272160 Compact Foam Lining Blue 16” x 24” x 3/8” thickness CD illustrating the use of Thermoplastic Splinting A useful starter kit containing 1x Thermo Plastic Splinting sheet (940A), 1x Thermo Plastic Splinting Sheet (940B), 1x Velcro straps (940V), 1x Compact Foam Lining (940X) and 1x CD illustrating the use of thermoplastic splinting (940CD). £33.48 £34.51 £35.54 £36.57 £35.54 £36.57 £37.60 Discounted by 10+% compared to component price. THERMO PLASTIC SPLINTING STARTER KIT 940KIT 229 Thermo Plastic Splinting Starter Kit £82.40