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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Burs All surgical burs have a 2.36mm shank (HP fitting) and will fit in all high speed surgical bur machines e.g. 3M’s Minos, Halls Surgairtome & Foredom. We have selected Komet burs for their high quality. All are single pack and non sterile. In human surgery, burs are regarded as disposable items. In veterinary surgery the cost precludes using burs as disposables. However, use of burs which are less than sharp extends procedure time and creates heat. We do advise that burs are checked and changed on a regular basis. Diamond burs are sharper and create less heat that carbide equivalents. Adequate irrigation is essential. Please see chart for options. BURS BUR TYPE illustrations are actual size ORDER ORDER HEAD OVERALL BUR CODE CODE SIZE LENGTH GUARD (Carbide) (Diamond) 1.8 50mm Medium M18R - 2.0 50mm Medium M20R 2.3 50mm Medium M23R - 3.0 50mm Medium M30R M30D 4.0 50mm Medium M40R 5.0 50mm Medium M50R - 6.0 50mm Medium M60R M60D 1.8 72mm Long L18R 2.0 72mm Long L20R L20D 3.0 70mm Long L30R L30D 4.0 69mm Long L40R L40D 5.0 69mm Long L50R L50D 6.0 69mm Long L60R L60D 6.5 69mm Long L65R - 2.0 95mm Extra Long X20R X20D 2.3 95mm Extra Long X23R X23D 3.0 95mm Extra Long X30R 4.0 95mm Extra Long X40R X40D 5.0 95mm Extra Long X50R X50D M20D Bur Block x 6 Bur Block Split Level Bur Rack Flip Out Basic Bur Block for 6 Burs Bur Block Split Level for 12 Burs Bur Rack Flip Out for 12 Burs Bur Rack Rotating for 24 Burs £29.3 `*3S#0*3B㓀*3#sР3@'W"&6&FFrfFVBfBf"WF6fp'W"&6&FFr&FFVBWBf"W6R##@РВР%U"$42%U%2"3d4eB%U#`%U%5 %U%$4%U%$@РC@'W"7FG0"'W 7FG2F@6VFR'W'2Р