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Dental Equipment Surgical &Power Instrumentation Equipment15 7 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Bur Systems Bur Guards 3M Spinal Bur System New Minos A200 The Minos A200 remains the industry standard for veterinary high speed burs. It has a deserved reputation for build quality and reliability. We are maintaining around 100 of these units and they seem to be infinitely repairable. 3Ms stopped making the Minos some years ago and for a while the only source was the pre-owned market. Burs should not be driven without a Bur Guard which supports the shaft of the bur. Without Bur Guards burs vibrate and can bend causing injury to both patient and surgeon. Veterinary Instrumentation is pleased to announce that we have found the engineer who made the original Minos and he is now re-making them exclusively for us. He is also making the bur guards. The shortest guard available is the medium for burs 45-51mm long The body is machined from solid aluminium and will tolerate much abuse. The bur locking mechanism seems better than the others on the market. New units carry a full 12 months warranty. VI BUR GUARDS VIMBG VILBG VIXBG Medium Bur Guard for Burs 45-51mm Long Long Bur Guard for Burs 70mm Long Extra Long Bur Guard for Burs 95mm Long £360.50 £385.25 £412.00 Halls Bur Guards The most cost effective way to purchase the Minos is as a set which comprises: A200 motor, medium bur guard and hose. Any other size bur guard may be substituted on request and all products are available separately. The hose is the same as for the MiniDriver. The bur guards support the burs and reduce vibration. The Minos and other high speed burs should not be used without an appropriate bur guard. Without the guard, risks to surgeon and patient are significant. NEW MINOS A200 MINOSA200 New Minos A200 set (Motor, Hose, Medium Bur Guard) £3,785.25 3MHOSEVI Hose with 3M Fitting £489.25 VIMBG Medium Bur Guard for 45-50mm Burs £360.50 VILBG Long Bur Guard for 65-70mm Burs £386.25 VIXBG Extra Long Bur Guard for 95mm Burs £412.00 Burs and Bur Guards are common to both the Minos and the Surgairtome II. A bur guard should always be used when driving burs. Spinning at 100,000 rpm the shaft needs support. These are the original Halls Guards. HALLS BUR GUARDS Halls (Linvatec) Spinal Bur System 1375-023 1375-011 1375-012 Surgairtome II Extra Long Halls Bur Guard Long Halls Bur Guard Medium Halls Bur Guard £715.85 £509.85 £509.85 Bur Brush This is the current replacement for the Minos A200. Similar performance to the Minos but has an air brake, so the bur stops immediately the trigger is released. Not as robust as the Minos as the drive is through gears but preferred by some surgeons e.g. Simon Wheeler. When burs stop cutting mid procedure the reason is usually clogging of the cutting flutes. High speeds (100,000 rpm) minimise the problem. Dremel type flexdrive units are particularly prone. Our Bur Brush is used to clean the bur without damaging it. It may be more convenient to change the bur and clean them up afterwards. SURGAIRTOME II 505800 5058 5042-35E HALLHOSEVI Surgairtome II Kit. Includes Hose Medium Bur Guard & Motor Surgairtome Motor Halls UK Hose MA-7 VI Hose – Halls Fitting £5,124.25 £4,094.25 £746.75 £489.25 BRUSH A315 223 Bur Brush £26.27