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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation TPLO Saw Blades VI Pattern www.vetinst.com TPLO Radial Saw Blades We are now able to supply radial cut blades in the following sizes: 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, & 30mm. We have sold TPLO saw blades from various manufacturers over the years but have always thought that none of them cut as well as they should. In addition some of the blade lengths available did not match the clinical requirement. We have, therefore, designed our own. Mandrels are available for the following sizes: 15, 18 & 24, 21 & 27 and 30mm. The theoretical benefits of a bi-radial blade are well known. However, in practice the bi-radial blade is not very efficient at cutting bone even when new. After hand sharpening the efficiency falls still further. An inefficient blade creates heat. Currently available blades either have no ‘set’ or a one sided ‘set’. The ‘set’ of a saw is the way that alternate teeth protrude outside the blade of the saw. The set, which is found on all woodworking and metal working saws, is there to create a slot in the material, wood, metal or bone, which is slightly larger than the blade so that the blade does not produce friction in the slot. Friction leads to jamming of the blade in the slot which is both frustrating and destructive. Our titanium blades are light, thin, hard and replaceable. In addition the blades have a ’set’ (the teeth are alternately offset as in all wood cutting saws) which creates a slot slightly wider than the blade. This reduces the friction and heat still further as well as preventing the blade jamming in the osteotomy. When the blade becomes worn simply replace with new sharp blade. VI TPLO Blades have a full bilateral set for maximum efficiency. TPLO BLADES VI PATTERN TPLOVI12 TPLOVI15 TPLOVI18 TPLOVI21 TPLOVI24 TPLOVI27 TPLOVI30 TPLO Blades VI Pattern 12mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 15mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 18mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 21mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 24mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 27mm TPLO Blades VI Pattern 30mm £283.25 £283.25 £283.25 £283.25 £283.25 £283.25 £283.25 TPLOVI34 TPLO Blades VI Pattern 34mm £283.25 RADIAL CUT TPLO BLADES TPMDRL15 TPMDRL1824 TPMDRL2127 TPMDRL30 TPBL15 TPBL18 TPBL21 TPBL24 TPBL27 TPBL30 Modular Stainless TPLO Blades Mandrel for 15mm Blades Mandrel for 18 & 24mm Blades Mandrel for 21 & 27mm Blades Mandrel for 30mm Blades 15mm Blade 18mm Blade 21mm Blade 24mm Blade 27mm Blade 30mm Blade £355.35 £355.35 £355.35 £355.35 £231.75 £231.75 £231.75 £231.75 £231.75 £231.75 Slocum Flat Blade Convertor All the Blades fit the standard hub. The 30mm Blade requires a Collar which is supplied with the hub. The Blades have a ‘set’ which makes the teeth slighter wider at the tips which reduces friction and heat as the Blade passes through the bone. 001770 Blade not included For those who purchased our Stainless Steel Hub system taking semi disposable radial cut blades we are pleased to inform you that in addition to the 24mm Blade, 18 and 30mm Blades are now available. The Blades are long lasting with a tooth ‘set’ to reduce heat generation. When they get dull simply fit a new one. Allows 6rvF67VGRG&fRFG&fRfB&FW0VvR&vRb&FW2f&Pg&7Fw&w2fFR&vRb&FRvW0ET"5DU52E4r$DU0E$T E#E##@E#3E#34D$U3 V"f"#Bb3&FW26VFW26 &F7WB7FW72&FP#F&F7WB7FW72&FP3&F7WB7FW72&FP6"f"3&FP2&( N( &"WG&fW"vGFV&RdW6Rf"7FVF֖W2vVFvRE2EDEDࠬ*3CS3P*3#P*3#P*3#P*3#P*3Cb3P45TdB$DR4dU%D ss## 67VfB&FR6fW'F *3#sP