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Dental Equipment Surgical &Power Instrumentation Equipment15 7 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com TPLO Saws and Blades De Soutter ‘Slocum’ Saw The VI TPLO is based on the very robust and reliable Halls Sternum Saw. As such it takes the industry standard Halls Hose, the same as the Surgairtome and the Halls range of saws and drills. It may come as a surprise to many users that the original Slocum Saw was a modified De Soutter product. As De Soutter distributors we are now pleased to be able to offer the original saw to existing and new users. Many of the original saws are still in use but are coming to the end of their life. It is now possible to replace like for like to minimise any change in the technique. Standard grub screws are 5mm using a 2.5hex drive which is prone to failure. Upgrading to 5mm cap screws requiring a 4mm T bar drive is much more robust. The blade hub rotates back and forth 6 degrees. As the blade diameter increases this 6 deg rees will move the teeth on the saw a greater distance. You will find, therefore, that the bigger blades cut more efficiently than the smaller ones. In addition, where the patient is small the tibia has a relatively low inertia and will therefore be moved back and forth by the blade further reducing the cutting efficiency. It is suggested that the tibia be supported by a sandbag to minimise this effect. DE SOUTTER SLOCUM SAW DPX-SAW TBHEX25 SLOSCREW SLOCUMREV De Soutter Slocum Saw (includes Stryker Adaptor) £3,244.50 2.5mm ‘T’ Bar Hex Driver (Slocum) £46.35 Slocum TPLO - Replacement Screw £13.91 TPLO screw heavy duty upgrade (Includes ‘T’ Bar driver plus 3 x 5mm stainless cap screws) £56.65 TPLO Saw Blade Protractor TPLOSCREW TBHEX32 Using the VI TPLO Saw the Blade is tightened into the saw hub using a single Hex Drive Grub Screw. This Grub Screw is larger and more effective than the 3 small Grub Screws on the original Slocum Saw. Replacement Grub Screws are available. A ‘T’ Bar Type Wrench is also available for greater comfort and efficiency. The Saw is supplied with an Allen Key Type Wrench. TPLO SAW TPLOSW HALLHOSEVI TBHEX32 TPLOSCREW TPLO Saw VI Hose – Halls Fitting ‘T’ Bar Hex Drive 3.2mm Slocum TPLO - replacement standard 1/4” x 1.5 Hex Grub Screw Pack of 3 Use to accurately measure the tibial plateau slope. In addition the protractor is marked with blade outline to further assist in the planning of the TPLO procedure. £2,420.50 £489.25 £46.35 TPLO PROTRACTOR £13.91 TPLOPRO £26.78 TPLO Protractor TPLO Saw Hex Driver ‘T’ Bar Type DESCRIPTION WHITTEMORE SAW GRUB SCREW SLOSCREW 2.5MM TBHEX25 (T BAR) SPECIAL ORDER FROM AESCULAP 3.0MM TBHEX30 (TBAR) F07020130 (ALLEN KEY) TPLO JIGS JIGSCREW 2.5MM TBHEX25 (T BAR) ARTHROSCOPIC DISTRACTOR JIGSCREW 2.5MM TBHEX25 (T BAR) FESSA 6MM 015509 1.5MM 015507 (SDRIVER) 015508 (ALLEN KEY) FESSA 8MM 015520 2.0MM 015516 (SDRIVER) 015517 (ALLEN KEY) ‘T’ BAR HEX DRIVERS TBHEX25 TBHEX30 TBHEX32 2.5mm ‘T’ Bar Hex Driver (Slocum) 3.0mm ‘T’ Bar Hex Driver (Aesculap) 3.2mm ‘T’ Bar Hex Driver (Whittemore/ VI) £46.35 £46.35 £46.35 221 VI CODE 1/8” AESCULAP SAW GRUB SCREW Available in 2.5mm (Slocum), 3.0mm (Aesculap) and 3.2mm (Whittemore/ VI). HEX DRIVER TPLOSCREW SLOCUM SAW SCREW The fitting on most TPLO Saw Blades is of the triangular Stryker Type. The means of attachment to the saw is by Hex Drive Grub Screws which are notorious for working loose. Our ‘T’ Bar Hex Drivers allow the surgeon to quicky, easily and firmly attach the blade to the saw. VI CODE TBHEX32 (T BAR) TPLOHEX32 (ALLEN KEY)