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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation VI Black Series Saw Blades www.vetinst.com Black Series Aluminium Steriliser Cases We stock a range of Black Series Saw Blades which have been specifically designed for veterinary patients. Ideal for TTA/TTO style cruciate surgeries, other elective osteotomies and excisional arthroplasty. Blades not to scale Suitable for TTA Rapid Suitable for TTA Rapid VI BLACK SERIES SAW BLADES CODE BLACKSW257505B BLACKSW357505B BLACKSW359505B BLACKSW459507B BLACKSW451207B BLACKSW451607B BLACKSW559507B BLACKSW551207B BLACKSW551607B CUT THICKNESS 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.95 WORKING LENGTH 20 30 30 40 40 40 50 50 50 WIDTH PRICE 7.5 7.5 9.5 9.5 12 16 9.5 12 16 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 £38.63 Designed specifically for the VI Black Series Drill and Saw and suitable for use in larger autoclaves. Cases outer dimensions are 300x205x70mm. VI BLACK SERIES ALUMINIUM STERILISER CASES BLACKDRILL-SC Steriliser Case for Black Series Drill BLACKSAW-SC Steriliser Case for Black Series Saw £175.00 £175.00 ‘Samoy Rapid-Cut’ Saw Blades with Black Series Fitment Synthes Jacobs Chuck (4mm) with Synthes Quick Release Attachment Named after Yves Samoy, the surgeon responsible for developing the TTA Rapid technique, the titanium nitride on the ‘Samoy Rapid-Cut’ signature series makes for a very hard cutting surface for a blade that will stay sharp much longer than standard blades. These blades are particularly well suited to TTA Rapid and techniques involving other linear osteotomies of the proximal tibia. SAMOY RAPID-CUT SAW BLADE WITH BLACK SERIES FITMENT SAMOYBLACK1 SAMOYBLACK2 SAMOYMINID1 SAMOYMINID2 Samoy Rapid Blade for Black series (Same dimensions as SW451607B) 40mm x 16mm x 0.95mm Samoy Rapid Blade for Black series (Same dimensions as SW451207B) 40mmx12mmx0.95mm Samoy Rapid Blade for Minidriver 42mm x 14mm x 0.65mm (KI55) Samoy Rapid Blade for Minidriver 27mm x 9.5mm x 0.65mm (KI48) £48.93 The small Jacobs Stainless Chuck is fitted with the standard Synthes Quick Release Attachment. This Chuck will now fit the 511 series of Synthes Drill allowing it to drive round shaft drills as well as pins and wires. It will also fit all Synthes tap handles making it a useful hand driver. £66.95 4MM JACOBS CHUCK WITH SYNTHES QUICK RELEASE ATTACHMENT £66.95 SYN4MM £48.93 220 4mm Chuck with Synthes Quick Release Fitting £190.55