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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation Reciprocating Saw Blades Replacement Air Hoses – what do I need? To get the correct hose you will need to know 2 things – the make / model of instrument the hose is to fit, and the type of supply outlet you have. 5053-021 Outlet connectors cause most fitting issues. Most usual outlet – UK MA7. This will only accept UK MA7 probes. If your hose pushes in, but will not click home, the hose usually has a US Schrader fitting. A common symptom of eBay purchases! Hoses sourced outside the UK & USA are very unlikely to be compatible with UK outlets as each country has its own connectors for safety reasons. Hose outlet connectors are shown with the relevant outlet. Schrader hoses can be as shown but can also have no gutter round the probe. S22-059M To fit Platinum Series RECIPROCATING SAW BLADES CODE 5053-021 S22-059M CUT THICKNESS 0.6mm 0.6mm www.vetinst.com LENGTH 39mm 60mm WIDTH N/A N/A A UK MA7 probe will fit a Schrader socket, but a Schrader probe will NOT fit a UK MA7 outlet without a special adaptor PRICE £59.23 £59.23 Common Instrument Connectors: POWER TOOL SERVICE AND REPAIR UK MA7 Power tools can transform surgery when working properly but can be very frustrating when working sub-optimally or if they fail mid procedure. Regular maintenance in the clinic is the key to a long and happy life but periodic service or repair is essential to replace worn parts. Halls Connector. Fits most Halls Air Tools, Surgairtome Spinal System,VI air equipment, Whittemore TPLO Saw and many others. 3M Connector – fits MiniDriver, MicroDriver, Minos A200. Veterinary Instrumentation offers a full repair service for most power tools and their accessories. We work directly with the manufacturers who are best placed to provide the correct parts for your machine. Botched repairs can be very expensive. As with any machine, to minimise failure in use, a regular service programme is ideal. Service loaners are available provided we have sufficient notice. We may not be able to offer a loaner for an emergency repair. Typical service costs for a MiniDriver which will include new rotor vanes, bearings, and o-rings plus set up to new specification is between £250 and £300. SCHRADER MaxiDriver. Fits nothing else! AIR HOSES 3MHOSEVI 3MHOSEVIUS HALLHOSEVI MAXIHOSE MPZ10900 MPX5300 GA468 001758 MiniDriver * MaxiDriver * Aesculap * DeSoutter * Halls 218 VI Hose 3M Fitting UK MA7 (3 metre) VI Hose 3M Fitting US Schrader (3 metre) VI Hose Halls Fitting UK MA7 (3 metre) MaxiDriver Hose MA7 (3 metre) De Soutter MPZ Hose MA7 (3 metre) De Soutter MPX Hose MA7 (3 metre) Also fits original Slocum Saw Aesculap Air Hose MA7 fits GA200 Motor (3 metre) MA7 Male to Schrader Female Plug in Adaptor £489.25 £489.25 £489.25 £489.25 £612.85 £509.85 £952.75 £87.55