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Dental Equipment Surgical &Power Instrumentation Equipment15 7 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com MPX 600 Modular System MPZ Blades for Sag Saw with Wrench 14210(SZ-450) MPX Blades for Sag Saw with Wrench 12300(MX-600) Many other blade styles are available Phone for all profiles S85-103 Heavier duty than the MPZ system, the MPX will be of particular interest to those surgeons with a high through put of Closing Wedge TPLOs and TTOs. The working blade length goes up to 100mm. S85-100 High power, high torque coaxial motor. A massive 27 quick release attachments, including 3 different saws which take all the blades styles illustrated on this page. S85-110 Air, battery and corded versions available. KX-600 Air hose is the same as the Slocum saw. Full colour stand alone brochure is available which illustrates all the MPX options together with other De Soutter large bone equipment. S85-117 NX-600 MPX-600 MODULAR SYSTEM MPX226464 MPX11720 MPX11710 MPX11930 MPX12380 MPX12300 MPX14400 MPX11730 MPX11760 MPX5300 BRRDLBS MPZ/MPX BLADES TO FIT WRENCH FITTING SAG SAW SZ450/NX-600 CODE S85-100 S85-103 S85-107 S85-109 S85-110 S85-117 CUT THICKNESS 0.7mm 0.7mm 0.7mm 0.7mm 0.7mm 0.7mm LENGTH 23mm 11mm 44mm 44mm 33mm 48mm WIDTH 10.4mm 6.4mm 19mm 17mm 10mm 17mm PRICE £59.23 £59.23 £59.23 £59.23 £53.05 £59.23 £4,068.50 £818.85 £818.85 £2,317.50 £2,008.50 £2,214.50 £2,008.50 £695.25 £1,828.25 £509.85 £FOC MPX Handpiece Jacobs Chuck 4mm Capacity Jacobs Chuck 6.35mm Capacity Wire Pin Driver 0.6 to 3.2mm MPX Sagittal Saw Large Blade Head KX-600 Mini Sagittal Saw Quick Release Head NX-600 Mini Sagittal Saw Wrench Fit MX-600 AO Quick Release Attachment Oscillating Drill 3 Metre MA7 Hose to fit MPX & Slocum Saw Large Bone Surgery Brochure MPZ Blades for Quick Release Sag Saw 14230(NZ-450) MPX Blades for Quick Release Sag Saw 144400(NX-600) Many other blade styles are available Phone for all profiles MPX Blades for Large Quick Release Sag Saw KX-600 Many other blade styles are available Phone for all profiles S88-103 S87-109 S88-100 S87-103 S88-110 S87-108 S88-109 MPZ/MPX BLADES TO FIT QUICK RELEASE SMALL SAG SAW NZ-450/NX-600 CODE S88-100 S88-103 S88-109 S88-110 CUT THICKNESS 0.6mm 0.6mm 0.6mm 0.6mm LENGTH 25mm 22mm 46mm 35mm WIDTH 10.0mm 6.4mm 15mm 10mm MPX BLADES TO FIT LARGE QUICK RELEASE SAG SAW 12380(KX-600) PRICE £59.23 £59.23 £59.23 £59.23 CODE S87-103 S87-108 S87-109 217 CUT THICKNESS 0.8mm 0.75mm 0.8mm LENGTH 60mm 52mm 32mm WIDTH 13mm 20mm 12mm PRICE £59.23 £59.23 £59.23