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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Orthopaedic Equipment MaxiDriver Modular System The MaxiDriver remains the workhorse of very many human and veterinary orthopaedic units. It is extremely reliable and almost infinitely repairable. Its robust construction will tolerate a good deal of abuse. Desoutter is a long established U.K. company providing high quality air driven equipment for orthopaedic surgeons. Excellent equipment with high quality, local backup. Veterinary Instrumentation is re-manufacturing the handpieces and attachments and has taken steps to ensure that all spares are available or can be re-made. The New MaxiDriver has a full MAXL100R 1 year warranty. The handpiece is significantly bigger than the MiniDriver (940g vs 480g). The modular system takes 15 quick release attachments. All attachments also available in new re-manufactured condition. Please phone for details. A huge range of saw blades is available making the MaxiDriver Kit an extremely good value introduction to orthopaedic power. MPZ Modular System This system is similar in size and feel to the Mini Driver. The range of available attachments is greater than the Mini Driver. The Saw can take blades up to 44mm useable length. The Pin Driver Attachment accepts pins up to 3.2mm (1/8”) which is very useful when placing external fixation pins. Air and corded versions are available. A full colour stand alone brochure is available which illustrates all the MPZ options, together with other De Soutter small bone equipment. Small Jacobs Chuck Wrench Tightening Sagittal Saw Quick Release Sagittal Saw Wire Driver MAXKITR Basic MaxiDriver Set MAXL110 Jacobs Chuck MAXL320 Sagittal Saw AO Quick Release Chuck MAXL513 AO Quick Release MPZ MODULAR SYSTEM MPZ226414 MPZ14110 MPZ14240 MPZ14140 MPZ14230 MPZ14210 MPZ14220 MPZ14260 MPZ14270 MPZ10900 BRDESOUTSM BRDESOUTLB MAXL111 Wire/Pin Driver MAXIDRIVER MODULAR SYSTEM MAXL100R MAXL110 MAXL111 MAXL320 MAXL140 MAXL513 MAXIHOSE MAXIKITR MaxiDriver Handpiece Refurbished to new Jacobs Chuck Attachment 6.35mm Capacity Wire/Pin Driver 1.6 to 4mm Capacity Sagittal Saw Large Attachment Reciprocating Saw Attachment AO Quick Release Attachment 3 Metre MA7 Hose to fit MaxiDriver MaxiDriver Basic Kit with ‘as new’ Handpiece £2,729.50 £489.25 £540.75 £592.25 £489.25 £592.25 £489.25 £4,583.50 216 Multidrive MPZ Handpiece £3,862.50 Small Jacobs Chuck Attachment max 4.0mm £592.25 Large Jacobs Chuck Attachment max 6.3mm £643.75 AO Attachment £669.50 Sagittal Saw Attachment (Quick Release) £2,317.50 Sagittal Saw Attachment (Wrench Fitting) £2,214.50 Reciprocating Saw Attachment £2,214.50 Wire Driver Attachment 0.6 to 1.8mm Gold Nose £1,982.75 Pin Driver Attachment 1.8 to 3.2mm Silver Nose £1,982.75 3 Metre Hose MA7 Fitting £612.85 Small Bone Surgery Brochure £FOC Large Bone Surgery Brochure £FOC