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15Surgical 7 Dental Equipment Power Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com K120 Mark I Sagittal Saw K111 Wire Driver The K120 Sagittal Saw uses a push button mechanism for blade attachment. It is relatively widely available and less expensive than the more robust Mark II K220. K120 MARK I SAGITTAL SAW K120VI K120 Sagittal Saw Attachment £798.25 K220 Mark II Sagittal Saw Re-attachment of osteotomies or small bone fragments is often best achieved using ‘K’ or arthrodesis (‘A’) wires. Driving a long pin in a chuck often results in bending and kinking making driving difficult. Incrementally advancing the wire through a chuck is fiddly and time consuming. The wire driver allows the easy incremental advancement of the wire through the handpiece via the use of a clutch arrangement. The Mark II Saw is more robust in construction than the K120 Saw. Blade attachment is by use of a Hex Wrench. While this gave a more rigid attachment of the blade to the saw it was also the weak point of the attachment. We have re-engineered the blade holding mechanism to make it stronger and made the whole attachment from stainless steel. The Mark II Saw drives a larger ranger of blades including longer ones up to 42mm useful in the TTO and TTA procedures. K111 WIRE DRIVER K111VI Wire Driver 0.7 to 1.8mm £746.75 K220 MARK II SAGITTAL SAW K220VI K201VI K211 Pin Driver K220 Mark II Sagittal Saw Attachment Replacement Wrench for K220K £1,055.75 £139.05 K110 Small (4mm) Jacobs Chuck Both Jacobs Chuck Attachments are through cannulated for driving long pins. 4mm Capacity with Key. K110 SMALL (4MM) CHUCK K110VI Similar to the Wire Driver in operation the Pin Driver has a larger capacity (1.6 to 4mm). K211 Pin Driver 1.6 to 4mm £437.75 K109 Large (6.25mm) Jacobs Chuck K211 PIN DRIVER K211VI K110 4mm Chuck Attachment £901.25 Both Jacobs Chuck Attachments are through cannulated for driving long pins. 6.25mm Capacity with Key. K109 LARGE (6.25MM) CHUCK K109VI 214 K109 6.25mm Chuck Attachment £437.75