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Dental Equipment Surgical &Power Instrumentation Equipment15 7 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com VI MiniDriver K200 MiniDriver Handpiece The MiniDriver Is Dead!! Long Live the MiniDriver!! 3Ms Orthopaedic was sold to Linvatec who killed off the MiniDriver and the MaxiDriver as they competed with their own product range. The MiniDriver remains in widespread use and in many ways is the ideal small animal orthopaedic power system particularly when used with the Mark II saw. Veterinary Instrumentation is pleased to announce that we are having the entire MiniDriver range re-manufactured including the K220 which takes a larger blade than the original Mark I saw. In fact we have improved on some of the accessories. Some say the torque on the MiniDriver is too low. OK then buy the high torque chuck which more than triples the torque! MiniDriver Sets Fully re-furbished to the new K200 standard, the handpiece is the centre of the modular system. Handpiece has forward and reverse button plus locking trigger. Power output with Medical Air @7bar input is 0.78 Newton Meters. Speed variable 0-1100rpm. Illustrated above is the basic MiniDriver set comprising K200 MIINIDRIVER HANDPIECE K200 Handpiece Mark II K200VI K110 4mm Chuck K111 Wire Driver K114B AO Quick Release Chuck MiniDriver Hose K120 Sagittal Saw Mark I Push Button Release 3MHOSEVI MiniDriver Hose The Standard Hose is a 3 meter long double hose which vents back at the wall gas outlet or the regulator. In the UK the standard drive gas is bottle sterile Medical Air delivered at 7bar (100psi). Elsewhere in the world Nitrogen may be used. Also available with the Mark II Saw When purchased as a set the savings are considerable. MiniDriver Basic Set (inc Mk I Saw) MiniDriver Basic Set (inc MkII Saw) £2,729.50 The Standard Hose supplied is fitted with an MA7 gas probe (Medical Air @ 7bar) which prevents connection to other gases e.g. Oxygen. MINIDRIVER SETS VIMDB1 VIMDB2 K200 Handpiece £4,068.50 £4,377.50 MINIDRIVER HOSE 3MHOSEVI 3MHOSEVIUS 213 MiniDriver Hose MiniDriver Hose US Schrader £489.25 £489.25