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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment Surgical &Power Instrumentation Equipment15 7 Multi Saw Multi Saw Battery Powered Multi Saw in use during a closing wedge TPLO operation Multi Saw Variable Speed 240volt Mains Powered The Multi Saw is a multi-function oscillating saw which may be used as a cast cutter and a surgical oscillating saw. The Standard Rechargeable Saw is supplied as a Kit including Charger, Battery (x2), Titanium Nitride Coated Blade and S82-103 Blade. The Multi Saw has adjustable speed control. The Saw cuts best at full speed but early users may wish to start the osteotomy at a lower setting. Our Stainless Attachment converts the Multi Saw into a Surgical Saw in a similar fashion to our Orthopaedic Drill. With the Converter and Shroud in place, all exposed surfaces are sterile. Excellent for total femoral head and neck excision, TPLO by Wedge Ostectomy and TTA. A wide range of blades fit the Multi Saw. We recommend either the Desoutter S82 series or the Halls SB5071 series. The latter offers a slimmer cut 0.8mm c.f. 1.2mm. The well established Multi Saw is also available in a mains powered (240v) version. This plug in version has the advantage of reliability of power and significantly the speed of the saw is variable allowing a slow start speed. The disadvantage is that a flex is not convenient and care should be taken to eliminate electrical hazards in theatre. The option of a slow speed is also an advantage when used as a cast saw. The Surgical Attachment and Blades are common to both Battery and Mains Powered Saws. MULTI SAW, VARIABLE SPEED MAINS POWERED 240V 001711 001703MAINS MULTI SAW BATTERY POWERED 001708 001708.134 001702 001703 001705 001714 001701B Multi Saw Surgical Kit incl Convertor, Shroud, Titanium Nitride Coated Blade and S82-103 Blade £458.35 Multi Saw Surgical Kit incl Convertor, Shroud, Titanium Nitride Coated Blade and SB5071-134 Blade Suitable for TTO and TTA Rapid £458.35 Stainless Convertor (c/w Spanner) £128.75 Waterproof Shroud for Multi Saw £20.09 Multi Saw Diamond Blade £50.99 Multi Saw Titanium Nitride Coated Blade £47.90 Spare Battery for Multi Saw £97.85 211 Multi Saw Kit incl Convertor, Shroud Diamond Blade and S82-103 Blade Shroud for Corded Multi Saw £458.35 £20.09