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15Spinal 6 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation FitzExcavator Set www.vetinst.com MB Spinal Brace C Many cases of disc disease, spinal fractures or instabilities are not amenable to surgical treatment for a variety of reasons, from the right patient signalment (i.e. age, underlying diseases) to economic considerations. The “MB Spinal Brace” (MBSB) developed by Mark Besancon DVM is designed to help support cases of thoracic and lumbar IVDD, vertebral fractures or instabilities. The durable and comfortable neoprene harnesses encircle the patient at the desired locations and are connected by two parallel adjustable metal rods that lay on the lateral aspects of the chest and abdomen. The MBSB supports and restricts the range of motion of the patient in several planes giving the body a better chance of healing. The expandable metal connection rods can be placed in a neutral position strictly for support, or extended to apply minimal to moderate decompressive forces on the spine. These back braces are commonly used in the human medical field and now they are available for veterinary use. Designed and developed by Noel Fitzpatrick this excavator set includes all the necessary hand instruments for surgical managment of canine intervertebral disc disease. The set consists of 5 cutting instruments: one left ,one right, plus 3 straight instruments 2.00mm, 1.00mm and 0.5mm. Several indications for use include: Set also includes 001275 Molt Periosteal Elevator (4mm/6mm). The six instruments are supplied in a stainless autoclavable case. • Medical IVDD treatment FITZEXCAVATOR SET 001428 • Medical spinal fracturetreatment. £283.25 FitzExcavator Set A • Pre and post-surgical spine support. Bone Wax For further information and to view an application guide visit www. vetinst.com Patent Pending. To order the correct size please measure: It will not help you if you hit a venous sinus but will control the blood from cut cancellous bone which obscures the visual field. The wax physically blocks the blood vessels. 1. The circumference of the chest in cm (C) 2. The circumference of the abdomen (A) 3. The length of the back (Distance from C to A) BONE WAX 001460 £32.45 Bone Wax 12 x 2.5g Availble as Kits in a range of sizes. The Kits come with a range of Harnesses plus one set of Connecting Rods. Lyostypt® Small Kit - suitable for toy breed/ Chihuahuas includes: 4 x Neoprene Harnesses - 12”-18” 1 x pair of Connecting Rods - 5/16” Medium Kit - suitable for Dachshunds/ Pugs/ Shih Tzus and Terriers includes: 5 x Neoprene Harnesses - 18”-30” 1 x pair of Connecting Rods - 3/8” Lyostypt® is a wet-stable collagen haemostat. Collagen leads to thrombocyte adhesion and to activation of coagulation factor XII. Replacement for Gelfoam. Size 30 x 50mm. 12 units per pack. • Achieves haemostatis very swiftly. • Is completely absorbable. • Can be applied endoscopically. • Can be removed easily. Large Kit - suitable for Boxers/ Labs/ G.S.Ds/ Huskies and Bassett Hounds includes: 6 x Neoprene Harnesses - 28”-38” 1 x pair of Connecting Rods - 1/2” • Can be combined with fibrin glue and antibiotics. MB SPINAL BRACE LYOSTYPT® 1069128 Lyostypt® (12 units) MBSSJ1243A MBSMJ1243B MBSLJ1243C £133.90 208 MB Spinal Brace Small Kit MB Spinal Brace Medium Kit MB Spinal Brace Large Kit £118.45 £159.65 £200.85