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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Spinal Surgery15 6 Chase Spinal Hook Rosen Mobiliser Based on a suggestion from Damian Chase of Pride Veterinary Centre This probe is useful for manipulation of the spinal cord and nerve roots during certain surgeries. With care, intraneural canal structures can be manipulated. Removal of disc debris is essential to achieve decompression of the cord. The curved tip of this instrument is very useful. CHASE SPINAL HOOK ROSEN MOBILISER 001451 Chase Spinal Hook 8mm 90° Offset 145mm 001420 £50.99 Bone Curette £50.99 Rosen Mobiliser 160mm Sheas Curette Following requests for a House Curette with smaller scoops, this set of two bone curettes have been designed with 1mm and 2mm scoops. This is the smallest scoop we can provide whilst still being strong enough to elevate bone. Fenestration of discs, particularly cervical discs, can be a useful procedure. The Sheas Curette is a very small scoop. 2.5mm in diameter. BONE CURETTE 001410 001411 001412 Bone Curette 1.0mm Scoop 145mm Bone Curette 2.0mm Scoop 145mm SHEAS CURETTE £50.99 Sheas Disc Curette 2.5mm Diameter 170mm £40.69 £40.69 Bone Tamper Younger Good Scaler Jaquette Scaler Bone Tamper - also can be used as a bone filling instrument. Younger Scaler BONE TAMPER 001413 001414 Bone Tamper 1.0mm Scoop 150mm Bone Tamper 2.0mm Scoop 150 mm £24.21 £24.21 House Curette Jaquette Scaler Both instruments are recommended by Simon Wheeler for the removal of wafer thin bone overlying the spinal cord during laminectomy. The Younger Good scaler is blunt backed and useful for removal of disc material from both disc spaces and neural canal. This is not a standard scaler in that all the sharp surfaces are softened to minimise spinal trauma. The Jaquette scaler is sharp and best suited to hooking out the final lamina. YOUNGER GOOD SCALER JAQUETTE SCALER The House Curette is a strong small curette to lift bone from around the spinal cord. Double ended 2.5 and 3.0mm scoops. 001422 001424 HOUSE CURETTE 7262/05 House Curette 2.5 and 3.0mm Scoops 150mm £50.99 207 Younger Good Scaler 175mm Small Jaquette Scaler 165mm £43.78 £43.78