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15Spinal 6 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com Hand Instruments Burley Disc Scoop Freer Periosteal Elevator The Freer Elevator is a fine instrument which is particularly useful in spinal work. FREER PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR 7350/05 Freer Periosteal Elevator 5mm 180mm Long £50.99 Very Fine Periosteal Elevator The Burley Disc Scoop is designed to remove material without repeated insertions into the disc space. As the scoop is moved around, the nuclear material travels along the channel and out. BURLEY DISC SCOOP 001501 Burley Disc Scoop 155mm £64.38 McKee Distractor with Speedlock VERY FINE PERIOSTEAL ELEVATOR 001272 Very Fine 2mm/ 3mm Periosteal Elevator 180mm Long £50.99 Dandy Nerve Hook The odd legs of this dedicated distractor engage the intra vertebral space cranial to and caudal to the space involved. The speedlock opens the disc space leaving it uncluttered by instrumentation. An alternative to washers is fusion using bone cement with or without screws. MCKEE DISTRACTOR WITH SPEEDLOCK 090257 McKee Distractor with Speedlock 240mm £272.95 The Dandy Nerve Hook is useful for manipulation of nerves and nerve roots. Also useful for manipulation of the medial meniscus during CCL procedures. DANDY NERVE HOOK 001408 001409 206 Dandy Nerve Hook 1mm 190mm Dandy Nerve Hook 2mm 220mm £39.66 £39.66