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15Spinal 6 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Smith-Kerrison Punch Forceps www.vetinst.com Gelpi Odd Leg Retractor close up detail This is a traditional design with a 40 degree upward cutting jaw. Robust spine forceps. Good quality and excellent value. 185mm shaft. SMITH-KERRISON PUNCH FORCEPS 001445 001446 Smith-Kerrison Punch Forceps 2mm Smith-Kerrison Punch Forceps 3mm £159.65 £159.65 40˚ Bone Punch Forceps (Low Profile) These are long established, but frequently overlooked instruments that have proven very popular amongst surgeons who have discovered them. This asymmetric pattern is most typically used for a dorsal approach to the spine where the long arm extends deep to retract the longissimus dorsi muscle as the short arm engages with axial structures. They are supplied in matched, opposite pairs to create a rectangular window of exposure. GELPI ODD LEG RETRACTORS 001333 001334 Gelpi Odd Legs 205mm Long - Pair Gelpi Short Odd Legs 130mm Long - Pair £355.35 £355.35 Spike & Shield Odd Leg Retractor This instrument is designed for use with high speed bur systems. The bur is used to remove the outer cortical layer and the underlying cancellous layer, leaving only the inner cortical bone (appoximately egg shell thickness). Access to the neural canal is achieved using the bur or a small mobiliser (001420). The powerful nibbling action allows the final layer of bone to be removed in a very controlled manner. From a surgical standpoint the foot should be as small as possible, for strength the foot needs to be as large as possible. Th 2vVFvR6R2vB6&֗6RFFFFRfB2Ɨ6VBF֖֗6Rg&7F@G&VFFR7RfW&VwF#6C $RT4d$4U0C3C3CC7RV6f&6W2&CWv&B7W@7RV6f&6W26C +Wv&B7W@7RV6f&6W2FC +Wv&B7W@*3#s"P*3#s"P*3#s"PW&FW26֖"f6FFRFBVrvV2'WBFRW66P&WFr6VB7&VFW2vFW"fVBbfWr7WƖVB'2VgBB&vB5Rb4TBDBTr$UE$5D CC #@&vR#R#V6VBr 6"&6VB#Vr *333BsP*333BsP