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15General 1 Dental Equipment Instrumentation & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com General Scissors Iris Scissors Dressing - Blunt/ Blunt A useful general purpose Ophthalmic Scissor. Lightweight, standard action scissor for conjunctiva and, less satisfactorily, the cornea.Very rarely used on the iris in veterinary ophthalmology. IRIS 744100 744120 744110 744130 744131 Iris Scissors Str 9cm Iris Scissors Cof 9cm Iris Scissors Str 11cm Iris Scissors Cof 11cm Iris Scissors Tungsten Carbide Str 11cm £21.12 £23.69 £21.12 £23.69 £39.66 DRESSING - BLUNT/BLUNT 742610 742620 742630 742640 742650 742900 742622 742910 742910L 742920 742930 742940 Strabismus Scissors Dressing Scissors Blunt Str 12.5cm 5” Dressing Scissors Blunt Str 14cm 5.5” Dressing Scissors Blunt Str 15cm 6” Dressing Scissors Blunt Str 18cm 7” Dressing Scissors Blunt Str 20cm 8” Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof 12.5cm 5” Dressing Scissors Serr. B/B Cof 14cm 5” Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof 14cm 5.5” Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof 14cm 5.5”Left Handed Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof15cm 6” Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof 18cm 7” Dressing Scissors Blunt Cof 20cm 8” £18.54 £22.15 £24.21 £29.36 £43.26 £22.15 £22.15 £26.27 £27.30 £30.39 £40.69 £48.93 Dressing - Blunt/ Blunt Coloured Handles Stronger than corneal and conjunctival scissors, strabismus scissors are suitable for cutting muscles and skin. STRABISMUS SCISSORS 746900 747010 746910 747020 Strabismus Scissors Str 9cm Strabismus Scissors Cof 9cm Strabismus Scissors Str 11cm Strabismus Scissors Cof 11cm £24.72 £24.72 £26.78 £26.78 Eye Enucleation Scissors These standard Dressing Scissors are available with different coloured handles for easy identification. Standard Curved Surgical Scissors do not match the radius of the eye of dogs and cats. The Eye Enucleation Scissor closely matches required radius and slides easily behind the eyeball to cut the optic nerve and internal opthalmic artery and vein, without the requirement to apply dangerous traction to the globe. Use in conjuction with Eye Enucleation Clamps, see page 269. DRESSING - BLUNT/ BLUNT COLOURED HANDLES 742622G 742622B 742622RB 742622P EYE ENUCLEATION SCISSORS 014225 Eye Enucleation Scissors 140mm £79.50 6 Dressing Scissors Serr B/B Cof Gold Handles 5” Dressing Scissors Serr B/B Cof Blue Handles 5” Dressing Scissors Serr B/B Cof Rainbow Handles 5” Dressing Scissors Serr B/B Cof Purple Handles 5” £24.21 £24.21 £24.21 £24.21