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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Spinal Surgery15 6 Lempert Rongeur Laminectomy Rongeurs Actual size These rongeurs have been developed specifically for laminectomy in the dog. Features: • Sigmoid shaped for maximum visualisation of surgical site and ease of grip. • Lower jaw is very slim, with no cutting edge to minimise trauma to the spinal cord. A useful rongeur with a small bite favoured by Simon Wheeler for incremental bone nibbling around the spine. A selection of small rongeurs is desirable when operating on the spine. • Available in jaw widths of 2, 3 and 4mm. Length 16cm. • Stronger than Duck-Billed Daniels. LEMPERT RONGEUR 6730/10 Lempert Rongeurs Str 3mm Bite 190mm Long LAMINECTOMY RONGEURS £102.49 001432 001433 001434 Friedman Laminectomy Rongeurs 2mm 160mm Laminectomy Rongeurs 3mm 160mm Laminectomy Rongeurs 4mm 160mm £185.00 £185.00 £185.00 Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs Actual size Actual size 142501 142502 Actual size COMPOUND ACTION SPINAL RONGEURS Very fine rongeurs for incremental removal of bone overlying the spine. 001429 001430 001431 001440 FRIEDMAN 142501 142502 Mini Friedman Curved 3mm Bite 160mm Long Micro Friedman Curved 2.2mm Bite 155mm Long £79.83 £79.83 Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs 2mm 190mm Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs 3mm 190mm Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs 4mm 190mm Compound Action Spinal Rongeurs 5mm 190mm £265.00 £265.00 £265.00 £272.95 Stille-Luer Rongeurs Micro Spine Rongeur Set Actual size Actual size Very fine rongeurs with a 1.75mm (width) bite. Available in three variations, straight, curved and angled. Significant savings when purchased as a set of three. Length 225mm. STILLE-LUER RONGEURS MICRO SPINE RONGEURS 142600 Much more powerful than the Daniels, this instrument can nibble through full thickness lamina. The jaws are very fine and angled to allow the surgeon to enlarge the interverterbral foramen. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5mm jaw widths. Length 190mm. Micro Spine Rongeurs Set of 3 142305 £159.65 203 Stille-Luer Heavy Compound Action Rongeurs Curved 8 mm 225mm Long £262.65