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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation www.vetinst.com NanoPaste Bone Substitutes Goniometer The sterile presentation is an aqueous paste supplied in a syringe (2.5ml or 5.0ml). The paste may be injected directly into a defect where it conforms to fill the space. The paste is readily colonised by bone cells and acts as a scaffold encouraging penetration of host bone. The putty-like consistency means that the paste may be pressed onto bone where it sticks until resorbed. NanoPaste is very similar to Ostimâ„¢ which has an established clinical record. Applications include: joint arthrodesis, TTA Rapid, non-unions, delayed unions and filling spine cages. The Goniometer may be used for the calculation of tibial plateau angles, wedge resections, angles of anteversion etc. Also used to measure pre and post-op range of