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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Gigli Wire Passer - Nick VanVooren Adjustable Bone Saw Minimally invasive passing of Gigli wire around the ischium for TPO/ DPO can be challenging. This device, developed by Nick VanVooren simplifies this process. The wire is simply passed down the tube, where the bend forces it back on itself for easy retrieval. Total length 160mm. Multi-purpose saw, supplied with 5 fine chrome plated blades. Blade length adjustable from 40 to 100mm. Procedures include: Trochleaplasty Tibial Tuberosity transposition Amputations Trochanteric osteotomy Excision arthroplasty Splitting multi-root teeth for extraction GIGLI WIRE PASSER Handle length 130mm. Blade length 155mm 001518 Gigli Wire Passer - 160mm Long £71.59 ADJUSTABLE BONE SAW 001000 001001 001000SS Adjustable Bone Saw c/w 5 Fine Blades Spare Fine Blades Pack of 5 Chrome Plated Adjustable Bone Saw Blade (Single) Sterile £61.29 £18.03 £7.99 Gigli Wire - 10m Spools Gigli wire with no eves. Used with the Gigli Wire Passer. Cut to length required, allowing an extra 10-15mm to allow attachment to handles, before autoclaving Rhinotomy/ Plaster Saw Blade GIGLI WIRE - 10M SPOOLS 001519 Gigli Wire - 10m Spool £84.98 VI Handles for Gigli Wire This is a curved stainless blade with a radius of 15mm. Useful for rhinotomy, plaster cutting and osteotomies where access is limited, e.g. radius, ulna and ilium during a TPO. Total length 85mm. Attachment of non-eyed wires to these handles is achieved by means of a thumb screw. The wire is gripped more firmly if it is wrapped once around the handles before tightening the screw. RHINOTOMY/ PLASTER SAW BLADE 001003 Rhinotomy/ Plaster Saw Blade (single) 85mm Long VI HANDLES FOR GIGLI WIRE £16.43 001514 Coarse Stainless Blade VI Handles for Gigli Wire 110mm (Pair) £59.23 Gigli Saw Essentially a bone cutting wire. More useful in large dogs. Hard to persuade the saw to cut where you want it to. Can be threaded through holes to make inaccessible cuts. e.g. ulna osteotomies. Very useful for larger patients. The tooth pitch is 15 teeth per inch. This blade does not clog easily. GIGLI SAW 001515 001516 001517 COARSE STAINLESS BLADE 001002 Coarse Stainless Blade (single) 140mm Long £16.43 199 Gigli Saw Handles (pair) 75mm Gigli Saw 30cm Gigli Saw 50cm £43.78 £11.33 £12.36