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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Retractors designed specifically for use in and around the Hip Joint www.vetinst.com Hohman Retractor 20mm Wide with Short Kinked Tip Hohman retractors designed specifically for veterinary hip surgery, to deal with the muscle bulk involved Swan-Neck Hohman Designed for femoral neck retraction for THR after the femoral head has been removed in order to visualise the acetabulum for acetabular reaming, The bent tip of the Hohman is engaged caudoventral to the acetabulum with the osteotomised surface of the femoral neck behind it, and then the Hohnman is retracted to pull the femoral neck out of the way of the reamer. Used for elevation and exposure of the femoral neck and head in medium/ large dogs. Cranked shape keeps the surgeon’s hand and the femur out of the surgical field. HOHMAN RETRACTOR 20MM WIDE WITH SHORT KINKED TIP SWAN-NECK HOHMAN 001034 001039 Medium Swan-Neck Hohman 11mm Blade, Short Tip 220mm Long £71.79 Hohman 20mm Wide with Short Kinked Tip 200mm Long £71.59 OCD Curette Hip Hohman Loose flaps of cartilage at the OCD lesion must be removed. The double ended OCD curette is designed to perform this task within the limited space available. Healthy fibrocartilage within the lesion should not be disturbed. Developed for use in total hip replacement but useful in any procedure requiring elevation of the femoral head. Multiple small teeth at the end lip of the instrument sit securely on the femoral neck outside the zone of articular cartilage. OCD CURETTE 001030 001032 OCD Curette 215mm Long OCD Curette Small 180mm Long £54.08 £54.08 Saw Blades for Scalpel Handles Three sizes are available. Approximate guidelines are as follows: Large > 30kg Medium 10 - 30kg Small < 10kg A cross-over product from model making, these blades have proven their worth over the years and remain popular for a variety of small bone cutting procedures. Although the smallest tooth saw blade does not reliably fit all #3 scalpel handles, the rest do. Blades are non stainless. HIP HOHMAN 001038 001037 001036 0010300SET Large Hip Hohman 255mm Long 25mm Wide Blade Medium Hip Hohman 175mm Long 13mm Wide Blade Small Hip Hohman 125mm Long 8mm Wide Blade Hip Hohman Set of 3 (as above) Kit consists of 3 sets of blades and a free scalpel handle £71.59 £71.59 £71.59 £164.80 SCALPEL FIT SAW BLADES SBLSET SBLKIT 198 Scalpel Fit Saw Blades (4 different Blade styles) Scapel Saw Blade Kit (3 of above plus Handle) £19.52 £54.08