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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Hohman Retractor Broad with Short Narrow Tip Hohman Retractors with Short Tips 18mm & 12mm Blades 001045 001041 001046 001042 Broad blade Hohman provides more effective retraction of large muscle masses than the standard version, with less focal pressure. These are the archetypal Hohman Retractors often described in textbooks as ‘Hohman’. Suggested uses: The ‘standard’ Hohman retractor shape and size. 48mm blade – larger dogs for elevation of femoral head and neck Larger version at 240mm long is useful in larger dogs over about 20kg where more force is required for manipulation, and there may be more depth of overlying tissue. 24mm blade – muscle retraction during plating procedures HOHMAN RETRACTOR BROAD WITH SHORT NARROW TIP 001045 001046 Smaller version, 175mm long, is scaled down and useful in slightly smaller dogs or in smaller bones where less force is needed. Good for retracting fascia lata in CrCl procedures. Mini Hohman Broad Blade with Narrow Tip HOHMAN RETRACTORS WITH SHORT TIP 001041 001042 Hohman Retractor 18mm Short Narrow Tip Total Length 240mm Hohman Retractor 12mm Short Narrow Tip Total Length 175mm Hohman Retractor 48mm Short Narrow Tip 260mm Long £58.20 Hohman Retractor 24mm Short Narrow Tip 185mm Long £58.20 £58.20 £58.20 Suggested uses: Improving visualisation of and access to mid diaphysis of cats and small dog bones Mini Hohman 6mm & 8mm Blade and Short Tip Displacing ligaments and tendons in carpus/tarsus of larger patients MINI HOHMAN BROAD BLADE SHORT TIP 001040 Mini Hohman 15mm Broad Blade 120mm Long £66.44 Hohman Retractor with Long Broad Tip Ideal for careful retraction of soft tissue during the manipulation of smaller bones and fragments, aiding reduction of soft tissue devascularisation. Also allow delicate retraction of soft tissue for screw and wire placement. 001043 8mm version is particularly good for long bones in the cat. 001044 MINI HOHMAN 6MM AND 8MM SHORT TIP 001047 001048 Mini Hohman Retractor 6mm Short Tip 165mm Long Mini Hohman Retractor 8mm Short Tip 165mm Long Useful in and around the shoulder joint and other retraction situations when a blunt tip is desirable. £58.20 £58.20 HOHMAN RETRACTOR WITH LONG BROAD TIP 001043 001044 Micro Hohman 4mm with Short Narrow Tip Hohman Retractor 24mm Long Broad Tip 280mm Long Hohman Retractor 18mm Long Broad Tip 175mm Long £61.29 £61.29 Gutter Hohman The smallest Hohman Vi supply. Useful in very small procedures or patients. Also available in a version with a long narrow shaft to use with arthroscopic portals. £58.20 The Gutter Hohman is the brain-child of Haralabos Haralabidis, DVM from Athens. The gutter profile of the blade’s top surface helps to prevent bones from slipping off sideways until reduction has been achieved. This instrument is most useful for oblique fractures of the long bones of medium size dogs. £66.44 GUTTER HOHMAN RETRACTOR MICRO HOHMAN 4MM SHORT NARROW TIP 001049 001049A Micro Hohman Retractor 4mm Short Tip 160mm Long Micro Hohman Retractor 4mm Short Tip with narrow shaft for arthroscopy 160mm Long 001035 197 Gutter Hohman Retractor 180mm Long £69.53