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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Osteophyte Rasp Corrective Osteotomy Sawguide System Most stifles requiring cruciate repair will exhibit some osteophytes. In some cases they may be bulky necessitating removal. The Osteophyte Rasp is a small yet very effective rasp to keep in the cruciate set. OSTEOPHYTE RASP 001019 Osteophyte Rasp Corrective osteotomy is a recognised procedure in the management of patella luxation particularly in medium and large dogs. £50.99 Positioning the osteotomy at the CORA (centre of rotation) can be a challenge. Trochlea Rasp Creating an accurate osteotomy at the site is a further challenge. The osteotomy and sawguide system allows the surgeon to create accurate osteotomies positioned at the correct site. Designed for deepening the trochlea groove, the trochlea rasp has a range of diameters to suit breeds from chihuahuas to bull terriers. For larger breeds perform a wedge or block trochleaplasty using a hard backed saw. An accurately contoured trochlea is essential for a successful trochleaplasty. Articular cartilage is removed to be replaced by fibrocartilage. Total length 190mm. TROCHLEA RASP 001020 001022 Trochlea Rasp 11mm max 5mm min Diameter Trochlea Rasp Small 8mm max 3mm min Diameter £56.14 £58.20 The Osteometer/ Sawguide is used in the TTO technique of cruciate management to create accurate small wedge osteotomies. In the TTO technique the sawguide is located into guide holes drilled into the bone which is not an option in more cylindrical bones. The spinlock saw guide clamp incorporates an appropriate guide hole and can be clamped to virtually any bone. Once the osteotomy angle is determined the sawguide is secured into position using a 1.6mm K wire. The sawguide may then be moved very accurately from proximal to distal cuts to create the precalculated osteotomy. CORRECTIVE OSTEOTOMY SAWGUIDE SYSTEM TTO011 TTO013 191 Osteometer/ Sawguide Saw Guide Attachment Forceps 9½” 245mm £275.00 £149.35