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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Modular Osteotome with Ultra-thin Interchangeable Blades and Diamond Rasp www.vetinst.com Universal Sulcoplasty Rasp Double ended rasp, 210mm long. Rectangular end for adjusting block sulcoplasties, triangular end for adjusting wedge sulcoplasties. Improved tooth geometry gives more efficiency over standard rasps. Cuts on pull stroke only. The rectangular end has 2 fine and 2 medium surfaces, triangular has 2 fine surfaces. Teflon osteotome handle which accepts a good range of blades plus a diamond rasp (not included in set). Blades are very thin (1.1mm) allowing fine cuts and reducing the incidence of braking the block during block sulcoplasty procedures. UNIVERSAL SULCOPLASTY RASP 001021 Universal Sulcoplasty Rasp 210mm Long £50.99 Replacement T wrench and retaining screw are also available. MODULAR OSTEOTOME 001380 001382 001390 001383 001384 001385 001386 001387 001388 001389 Modular Osteotome complete with 7 Blades Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 4mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 5mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 6mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 8mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 10mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 12mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 15mm Modular Osteotome Replacement Blade 20mm Modular Diamond Rasp 6mm £231.75 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £28.33 £54.08 Rectangular Sulcoplasty Instruments Gordon Coronoid Osteotome Originally developed for surgery on the medial coronoid, its thin, sharp blade and narrow widths are making this tool increasingly popular amoungst surgeons for block sulcoplasty. GORDON CORONOID OSTEOTOME AR-17-30 AR-17-29 Gordon Coronoid Osteotome (4mm) Gordon Coronoid Osteotome (2mm) £64.38 £64.38 A rectangular sulcoplasty retains the maximum articular cartilage. Most standard osteotomes are too thick, tending to break up the block. The super slim 8mm osteotome minimises breakup. The rectangular rasp is designed to tidy up the corners of the sulcoplasty to maximise ‘fit’. RECTANGULAR SULCOPLASTY INSTRUMENTS 001017 001018 190 Super Slim Osteotome 8mm 180mm Rectangular Bone Rasp 210mm £50.99 £40.69