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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 X-Acto Saw Wedge recession sulcoplasty Fine toothed hard back saw, useful for trochleaplasty. Please note this saw is not stainless steel and will corrode badly. To keep the saw for as long as possible, clean thoroughly immediately after a procedure and store clean, dry and lubricated. Autoclave before use. Optional handle is aluminium. If the soft tissues one one side of the patella (in the direction of luxation) are too tight, they should be released. Usually the joint capsule and retinaculum is too tight only in grade 4 and very severe grade 3 patellar luxations. The excessively tight soft tissues should be cut until normal patellar tracking is restored. Often, release in the region of and just proximal to the patella is required but occasionally, release all the way up to the proximal femur may be necessary. If the soft tissues on one side of the patella lack tension (opposite the direction of luxation), normal loose tension should be restored. The excessive soft tissue can either be resected or imbricated using a Modified-Mayo “vest-over-pants” type suture. Alternatively see code 001004 H ard Backed Saw for a stainless version X-ACTO SAW XACTOB/H X-Acto Saw Complete 270mm XACTOHANDLE X-Acto Saw Handle only 140mm XACTOBLADE X-Acto Saw Blade 0.3mm cut 140mm XACTOSTERILE X-Acto Saw Blade Sterile 0.3mm cut 140mm It is important to appreciate that these soft tissue tension abnormalities likely develop secondary to patellar luxation rather than directly causing it. Correcting the soft tissue problems alone, although easier, is unlikely to successfully correct patellar luxation. Not performing at least one of tibial tuberosity transposition or femoral sulcoplasty result in higher risk of patellar reluxation. £29.36 £22.15 £14.94 £21.12 Hard Backed Orthopaedic Saw For further details, please ask for a copy of our free step-by-step guide for patellar luxation. PATELLA LUXATION STEP BY STEP GUIDE BRPAT Step by Step Guide to Patellar Luxation £FOC 140mm Long 23mm Deep 0.4mm Cut. In the style of the X-Acto Saw Blade but is stiffer and has slightly bigger teeth, more suitable for bone. It is made from stainless steel and can be autoclaved. The stiff back helps to guide the saw better than with hacksaw type blades which often deviate. Use for wedge sulcoplasty and osteotomies up to 23mm deep. HARD BACKED ORTHOPAEDIC SAW (STAINLESS) 001004 189 Orthopaedic Hard Back Saw 0.4mm cut Stainless Steel 145mm £40.69