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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation Slocum TPLO Guide Pin www.vetinst.com TPLO Starter Kit End threaded negative pin. Drive directly into the tibia for jig attachment. SLOCUM TPLO GUIDE PIN 3.2MM TPLO32 TPLO24 Slocum Guide Pin 3.2mm Thread 25mm Slocum Guide Pin 2.4mm Thread 20mm £7.47 £7.47 For screws see Chapter 3. For power tools and saw blades see Chapter 7. Delta TPLO Plate Benders with Curved Slots The Delta TPLO Starter Kit TPLO Starter kit 2 versions of the TPLO Starter Kit are available, with either Slocum Style or Delta Style Plates. The Delta TPLO Starter Kit includes the following: TPLO Saw and Hose or TPLO Saw - Battery Power. Plate benders with slots tend to distort the Delta plate. The curved slots help grip and support the the plate during the bending process. In addition the plate is much less likely to end up on the floor. 18, 24 & 30mm VI Pattern TPLO Blades TPLO Basic Jig TPLO Rotation Ch '@DTDEDR$TDU%2tD5U%dTB4E0EDT$T@FVFEFR&VFW'2"#3p67V&FFvVvW0*33R&R67&&PFVF7GREFW2""r""r'&BB2R"2P'&BEdB7FW'7FWwVFPFR6WFFW0FR67VE7F'FW"B2FR6RW6WBE67V7GPFW2&R6VFVB&FW"FFRFVFFW27F'FW"G26''vBF66VBfW"6VB&6W2E5D%DU"@ED@E4@@E7F'FW"BvFFVF7GRFW0"vW E7F'FW"BvF67V7GRFW0"vW *32cR*32cR