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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 XS TPLO Jig Slocum Rotation Gauges The Rotation Gauges simplify the rotation procedure. The correct measurement, in millimetres, is read from the table and the appropriate gauge selected. The bone is marked using the scribe or an osteotome. Smallest TPLO Jig available from Vi. Design allows greater range of arm movement without causing intra-operative obstruction, with a single hinge to remove bulk. Accepts 1.6 and 2mm pins. 2.0mm Allen key included. Main body 60mm long. SLOCUM TPLO ROTATION GAUGES 5 TO 15MM 001492 Slocum Rotation Gauges £92.19 XS TPLO JIG TPLOJIGXS XS TPLO Jig 60mm TPLO Rotation Gauge Divider Type £293.55 TPLO Jig Once the radial cut is made in the proximal tibia the two parts are essentially unstable. The proximal segment has to be rotated while maintaining alignment. The jig is placed prior to the cut and keeps the two segments under control until the rotation is complete and the two parts fixed internally. Supplied with a 2.5mm Allen Key. Alternative to the feeler gauge type measuring system. Spring loaded, adjusting the set screw fixes the points at any predetermined distance from 0-20 mm as read from the scale. TPLO JIG TPLOJIG TPLO32 The tibial plateau may then be rotated the distance between the points. TPLO Jig 120mm Slocum Guide Pin 3.2mm Thread 25mm £242.05 £7.47 TPLO ROTATION GAUGE DIVIDER TYPE 001499 Standard Slocum Style TPLO Jig TPLO Rotation Gauge Divider Type 90mm £69.53 TPLO Rotation Chart Standard pattern TPLO Jig. Pair of Alignment Bars and Allen key included. Large Jig takes 3.2 pins, small Jig take 2.4 pins. Pins not included. SLOCUM STYLE TPLO JIG TPLOJIG/S TPLO32 TPLOJIG/SS TPLO24 TPLOJIG/ROD35 Slocum Style Jig Standard (3.2 Pin) Slocum Guide Pin 3.2mm Thread 25mm Slocum Style Jig Small (2.4 Pin) Slocum Guide Pin 2.4mm, Thread 20mm Replacement Alignment Bars (Set of 2) Standard TPLOJIG/ROD27 Replacement Alignment Bars (Set of 2) Small The rotation data for blades 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm & 34mm are displayed on this double sided, laser marked, stainless steel gauge. £324.45 £7.47 £324.45 £7.47 £28.33 Incorporates also a drill gauge and a ruler for measuring screws and rotation. TPLO ROTATION CHART £28.33 TPLOROT 183 TPLO Rotation Chart £71.59