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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 TPLO Wedge Kit Bone Scribe A very sharp marking point with an easy to hold handle enables the surgeon to mark bone prior to cutting or rotating (Slocum procedure). One end is pointed and the other is sharpened as a blade. BONE SCRIBE Kit includes; multisaw , stainless converter, shroud, wedge osteotomy set, blade 70mm x 12mm, blade 70mm x 25mm. 1 x TPLO0272739, 1 x TPLO353555, 1 x TPLO353579 and DVD on the technique. Gives a good discount over individual purchases. (Also required: 2.7/3.5mm AO type bone plate benders). 001494 Bone Scribe (Double Ended) 200mm Long £25.75 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps TPLO WEDGE KIT TPLOWEDGEKIT 001287 TPLO (closing wedge) Start Up Kit £643.75 2.7/3.5 AO Type Bone Plate Benders (pair) £67.50 Wedge Osteotomy Gauge Set 9˚ to 30˚ Temporary fixation of the head of TPLO plates aids in positioning, while screws are placed. The spherical ball tip of these forceps seats well in the round holes of the head plate, as well as in conventional DCP holes, whilst allowing drilling through the hole. Also very useful for plate osteosynthesis in fracture repair. Wedge gauges simplify the marking and cutting of the appropriate wedge. Using the parallel marking allows the surgeon to mark and cut a wedge with equal length borders, creating a better closure. WEDGE OSTEOTOMY GAUGE SET - 9˚TO 30˚ 001493 Wedge Osteotomy Gauge Set £121.03 PLATE HOLDING/ DRILL GUIDE FORCEPS Very Large Fragment Forceps 001225 001226 001227 0012SET 1.5/2.0 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps 140mm Long 2.4/2.7 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps 145mm Long 3.5 Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps 150mm Long Plate Holding/ Drill Guide Forceps Set (one of each size) £123.60 £123.60 £123.60 £305.00 Extra Long Bending Levers Use where a wide gape is required or where the instrument needs to be further out of the surgical field. Spinlock version is very useful during CrCl surgery for repositioning the stifle prior to placement of a lateral suture, or holding osteotomies during closing wedge type procedures.Also available in left handed versions. Longer plate benders (240mm) with 4mm and 6mm slots are designed with TPLO plates in mind to make bending and twisting much easier. VERY LARGE FRAGMENT FORCEPS 001202 001203 EXTRA LENGTH BONE PLATE BENDING LEVERS Very Large Fragment Forceps 205mm Long £95.28 Very Large Fragment Forceps with Spinlock 215mm Long £139.05 001288L 179 3.5/4.5 AO TPLO Bending Levers 240mm Long £92.19