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Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com TTA Cuttable Cages TTA Spacers Width Placed under either cranial or caudal cage lugs to help re-align the quadriceps mechanism in cases of concurrent patellar luxation while performing the TTA procedure. Suggested maximum tibial tuberosity movement is 50%. Although more expensive individually than washers, spacers may result in a more stable construct. TTA SPACERS TITANIUM TTASP2 TTASP4 TTASP6 TTASP8 Cuttable cages can be trimmed in 3mm increments, to cover a larger range of patients with a reduced inventory. TTA Spacer Titanium 2mm TTA Spacer Titanium 4mm TTA Spacer Titanium 6mm TTA Spacer Titanium 8mm £12.31 £12.31 £12.31 £12.31 TTA Washers Also available as a set of cages (one of each size) with a free cutter. TTA CUTTABLE CAGES TTACUT316 TTACUT4518 TTACUT622 TTACUT7522 TTACUT926 TTACUT10526 TTACUT1228 TTACUT13528 TTACUT1532 TTACUT1 Cuttable Cage 3 x 16mm Cuttable Cage 4.5 x 18mm Cuttable Cage 6 x 22mm Cuttable Cage 7.5 x 22mm Cuttable Cage 9 x 26mm Cuttable Cage 10.5 x 26mm Cuttable Cage 12 x 28mm Cuttable Cage 13.5 x 28mm Cuttable Cage 15 x 32mm Cuttable Cage Set (9) with FREE Cage Cutters £51.50 £53.05 £54.08 £56.65 £59.23 £61.80 £64.38 £69.00 £66.95 £509.85 TTA Cuttable Cage Cutters Stackable titanium washers. Permit adjustments in 1mm increments. TTA WASHERS - TITANIUM TTA cage cutters, which have narrow jaws designed to fit between the fins of cuttable cages. These cutters are only for TTA cages – not suitable for other implants due to the specially designed slim jaws. PW24TI TTA CUTTABLE CAGE CUTTERS TTACACUT TTA Cuttable Cage Cutter £180.25 177 2.4mm TTA Washer - Titanium £9.75