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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Over The Top (OTT) Aneurism Needles Curved Graft Passer The sharp tip of the angled graft passer is passed around the fabella by rotating the wrist. The eye is small and accepts all suture materials. Total length 210mm. ANEURISM NEEDLES 001057AL 001057AR 001058AL 001058AR Aneurism Needle 3cm Angled Left Small Eye Aneurism Needle 3cm Angled Right Small Eye Aneurism Needle 4.5cm Angled Left Small Eye Aneurism Needle 4.5cm Angled Right Small Eye £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 CCL Staples The repair of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) by the ‘Over the Top’ technique requires a curved graft passer to pull the graft through the stifle joint. This design of graft passer has been developed over many years to: 1. minimise damage to intra - articular structures. 2. feel right in use. The handle is comfortable. 3. for graft insertion anterior to posterior or vice versa. This design is usually used by those still using this technique. Please see our free DVD ‘Surgical Management of Canine Cranial Cruciate Disease’ (Code: DVDALL) for details and video of the technique. The small eyed graft passers are appropriate for placement of lateral suture wire or monofilament nylon as described by M. L. Olmstead. CURVED GRAFT PASSER 001051 001052 001053 001054 001055 001056 001057 001058 001057AR Very Small Curved Graft Passer 2cm 165mm Small Curved Graft Passer 3cm 175mm Large Curved Graft Passer 4.5cm 185mm Very Large Curved Graft Passer 6cm 205mm Extra Large Curved Graft Passer 8cm 220mm 2cm Graft Passer with Small Eye 165mm 3cm Graft Passer with Small Eye 170mm 4.5cm Graft Passer with Small Eye 185mm Aneurism Needle 3cm Angled Right Small Eye The attachment of the fascia lata graft to the distal femur is the weakest part of the OTT repair. The small spikes under the head of the staple are designed to engage the graft and firmly fix it to the periosteum. Also useful for re-attaching avulsed ligaments and transfixing the biceps tendon. Made from cobalt chrome. £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 £61.29 CCL STAPLES 090125 090126 090127 090128 6mm Wide CCL Staple 8mm Wide CCL Staple 11mm Wide CCL Staple 16mm Wide CCL Staple £38.50 £38.50 £38.50 £38.50 Straight Graft Passer CCL Staple Introducer The Staple Introducer holds the staple to facilitate the initial insertion and alignment whilst being struck by a mallet. In case of difficulty starting the staple, pre-drill with 2.0mm pin or drill bit. Accepts all sizes of CCL Staple. Designed to pass through a 2.7mm hole, the straight graft passer is useful for pulling graft and nylon through bone tunnels. CCL STAPLE INTRODUCER 090129 091130 STRAIGHT GRAFT PASSER 001050 Straight Graft Passer £59.23 171 Staple Introducer 130mm CCL Kit in Stainless Box (Introducer with 8 Staples) £185.00 £445.00