DIAG IM3 - Page 184

15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation LigaFiba® Lateral Button Suture www.vetinst.com Lateral Button Suture Step by Step Summary Detailed step by step guides of both the original lateral suture technique and the lateral button suture technique are available free of charge on request from Veterinary Instrumentation or may be downloaded free of charge from www.vetinst.com. Some of the simple modifications to the standard lateral suture technique are illustrated below. Special thanks to Geoff Robins for the images. Create the bone tunnel in the proximal tibia in an isometric a position as possible. It is important that as the knee flexes and extends, the LigaFiba® loop is not repeatedly loaded and unloaded against the bone. Suture is placed around the fabella as usual. LATERAL MEDIAL During the placement of standard lateral sutures there is a tendency for the proximal strand of the suture to drift up the straight patella ligament. This reduces the isometry of the suture and the suture can become intraarticular which is undesirable. Use of a toggle button at the proximal tibia bone tunnel keeps both strands of suture at the hole. Application is straight forward. The suture is passed around the fabella using the swaged on curved cruciate needle. The suture is then passed through the hole from lateral to medial and then back through the hole g&VFFFW&FR7WGW&R07vvVBF7G&vBVVFRFf6ƗFFRF2'BbFR&6VGW&RFPFvvR'WGF26VBFFRFRVF7W&f6RB&WFV@F6F'VƖrFRFvBg&FRFW&6FRࠥ72FR7G&vBVVFR&6g&VFFFW&F7&VFR`Ɩvf&*FRVF6FRࠥFR'WGF&WfVG2FR7WGW&Rg&VƖrF&VvFRƖvf&*7WGW&R0FVFV6VBB7&VBFRW7VvV666VFW2FRFW&7WGW&RFR6'&V7BV&W"B6Rb7&W2&&FR'WGFf&RvFFFV"TuR'WGF2ࠥFR6GFVB'WGF26VBvFFRBFR66vFFR2G&vF&VvFFRFW&6FR6FBFR'WGF6G2&RBFPVF6FR&F7G&G2bƖvf&*WBFRFW&F&BFR6WG&0BFV6B7&"B2W7VࠤĔtd$*DU$%UED5UEU$Pd%3sPd%3Sd%3#Sd%3#S@d%3Sd%55D%DU d%3SDd%3#SDd%3#SEDd%3SDsV"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RS"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&R#S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&R#S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RFV&RS"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&PƖvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&R7F'FW"@S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RF'WGF#S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RF'WGF#S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&PFV&RF'WGFS"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RF'WGF*333*333*333*33BS*33C*333R*33BS*33BS*33c0*332Cc