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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation LigaFiba® Tendon and Ligament Sutures www.vetinst.com 75lb (34kg) LigaFiba® Lateral Sutures At less than 0.5mm in diameter the 75lb LigaFiba® is as strong as nylon 2.5 x as thick. Suitable for small dogs and cats weighing less than 5kg. LigaFiba® ties very well with minimal creep and a small soft knot. Alternatively a dedicated crimp may be used with our standard LigaFiba® Crimper 091135M. 75LB (34KG) LIGAFIBA® LATERAL SUTURES LFLS75 LFLSCR75 LFLBS75 LigaFiba® is available in sterile single lengths for use in conjunction with any suitable suture anchor system. LigaFiba® is so tough it is difficult to cut and will damage standard scissors. Use our special T.C. Scissors with a custom cutting edge. 75lb LigaFiba® Lateral Suture (300mm) 75lb LigaFiba® Lateral Suture (300mm) with Crimp 75lb LigaFiba® Lateral Button Suture (300mm) with Button & Crimp £21.58 £27.30 £30.39 LIGAFIBA® LF150500 LF250600 LF500600 LFS140TC 150lb LigaFiba® x 500mm <15kg 250lb LigaFiba® x 600mm 15 - 30kg 500lb LigaFiba® x 600mm >30kg LigaFiba® Scissors T.C. 145mm Compound Action Crimpers for LigaFiba® £14.42 £14.94 £15.45 £87.50 A tendon repair suture is also available with a round bodied needle at either end. LIGAFIBA® LFTRS150 LFS140TC 150lb LigaFiba® Tendon Repair Suture LigaFiba® Scissors T.C. 145mm £22.66 £87.50 LigaFiba® IsoToggle Locking Interference Screw The Compound Action Crimp W"FVƗfW'2&RV7W&VB7&vF֖Vff'BFRr7WBWG2&WfVBfW"7&rFW6R7&W'0&WV&RFRV7BVff'Bbd7&W"f&RFR6VB7F7&W"27VF&Rf"7&2'Bg&FRFvVB7&f"S"v67VG2FR7FF&B6R7F7&W"ࠥFR6FvvR7WGW&R2WG&67V"7WGW&R6VB6WG&6ǐF&Vv&RGVV26VVBbFRGVV22W7G&FVBg&VR4BFRƖvf&*G2fW'vV'WBFW&R2rFW&FfRFR6rFW&fW&V6R67&WrffW'2FW&FfRFGrfW"'WGFFR67&Wr2FW&VB6gB&fRF&VBv62FPƖvf&*FFR&RGVVFR67&Wr&R'FǒG&GV6VB2FV&'V7W&RF76W72B7F&ƗGB&vRbfVVB6PFR7W&vV26F6fVBFR67&Wr2G&fVRF6FR7WGW&RࠤĔtd$*4TB5D5$U%03TАƖvf&*6VB7F7&W'2#CVА*3"SƖvf&*6676'0Ĕtd$*4DttRDU$dU$T4R4r45$Uu0d3#S3S50d3#S3SDd33SCS#550d33SCS#5DFW&fW&V6R67&Wr2R7FW72АFW&fW&V6R67&Wr2RFFVАFW&fW&V6R67&WrBR7FW72#6АFW&fW&V6R67&WrBRFFV#6АƖvf&*26FVvB2Fff7VBF7WBBvFvR7FF&B6676'2W6RW"7V6B26676'2vF7W7F7WGFrVFvRࠬ*3#S*3#@*3#S*3#@Ĕtd$*4454%0e3CD0c`Ɩvf&*6676'2B2CVА*3rS