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15Joint 5 Dental Surgery Equipment & Instrumentation LigaFiba® www.vetinst.com LigaFiba® Lateral Suture with Crimp Starter Kit LigaFiba® is a new, extremely strong surgical suture material. It is composed entirely of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, the same hard wearing material from which we make acetabular cups. Until now it has not been possible to spin it fine enough to produce flexible strands that are easily tied. Weight for weight it is 15 x stronger than steel and 2.5 x stronger than nylon. It has very good abrasion characteristics which is important when used in hostile environments such as lateral sutures and hip toggles. LigaFiba® is available in four breaking strains. 75lb (34kg) 150lb (70kg) <0.5mm in diameter Dogs and cats <5kg 250lb (113kg) 1.0mm in diameter Dogs 15 - 30kg 500lb (230kg) 1.6mm in diameter Dogs over 30kg 0.6mm in diameter Dogs up to 15kg The LigaFiba® Lateral Suture With Crimp Starter Kit contains everything needed at a substantial discount. LigaFiba® as a medial colateral repair using suture screw The Kit contains the following: Compound Action Crimpers for LigaFiba® Heavy Duty Needle Driver 2 x 150lb LigaFiba® Lateral Suture with Crimp 2 x 250lb LigaFiba® Lateral Suture with Crimp 2 x 500lb LigaFiba® Lateral Suture with Crimp Picture Jean-Benoit Lefebvre LigaFiba® Scissors LIGAFIBA® LATERAL SUTURE WITH CRIMP STARTER KIT Rose et al in Veterinary Surgery 41 (2012) 266-272 found that LigaFiba® out performed Fiber tape, FiberWire, Xgen Orthofiber and Mason Leader Line with respect to tensile strength, stiffness at failure, loading at elongation and resistance to cyclic elongation. LFLSCRSTARTER It is our experience that abrasion plays a significant part in most lateral suture failures but we do not have, as yet, comparable data on abrasion resistance. LigaFiba® Lateral Suture with Crimp Starter Kit £335.00 LigaFiba® Lateral Button Suture with Crimp Starter Kit We are confident that the Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene composition of LigaFiba® gives it excellent abr 6&W67F6R6ࠥFRƖvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RvF7&7F'FW"B6F0WfW'FrVVFVBB7V'7FFF66VBFRB6F2FRfvs6VB7F7&W'2f"Ɩvf&*Ɩvf&*2V&W"bƖ6F2fWFW&''FVF72B0f&R&vRb7FW&R&W6VFF2ࠐƖvVBBFVF&W'07'V6FRFW&7WGW&W0&RGVV7'V6FR&6VGW&W0FvvR&6VGW&PVgGWGVVFRG&fW "S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RvF7&"#S"Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RvF7&"S"Ɩvf&*FW&7WGW&R'WGFvF7&Ɩvf&*6676'0Ĕtd$*DU$%UED5UEU$RtD5$5D%DU @2'&FVBFW&FRW6RbƖvf&*&WV&W27G&7BGFVFF6WF2FV6VRGW&rFFࠤd%55D%DU c@Ɩvf&*FW&'WGF7WGW&RvF7&7F'FW"@*333R