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Tel +44 0845114 130258 9596 8530info@vetinst.com info@vetinst.com Dental Equipment & Instrumentation Joint Surgery15 5 Bone Tunnel Borer Loop Tension Devices Prior to crimping it is suggested that the loop be tensioned sufficiently to eliminate the anterior draw, but not enough to create an outward rotation. This may be achieved by a number of methods: a) Partial crimp - see video, does not require additional instrumentation b) Simple tension device requiring a pair of gelpis 091132 c) A dedicated loop tensioner 091132A CCL Tensioning Device A simple unfussy instrument used to create bone tunnels without setting up the power drill. Useful where single holes are required, for example tension band procedures. BONE TUNNEL BORER 001070 001073 001071 001072 Bone Tunnel Borer 2mm 160mm Long Bone Tunnel Borer 2.5mm 165mm Long Bone Tunnel Borer 2.7mm 165mm Long Bone Tunnel Borer 3.5mm 180mm Long £42.50 £42.50 £42.50 £42.50 Countersinking Bone Tunnel Borer CCL LOOP TENSIONER 091132 £67.50 CCL Tensioning Device (Pair - Gelpis not included) CCL Loop Tensioning In order to minimise the stress and abrasion of the nylon as it passes through the bone tunnel, countersinking the hole is advisable. To reduce time and instrumentation the self-countersinking instrument incorporates a countersink on the shaft. COUNTERSINKING BONE TUNNEL BORER 001075 Bone Tunnel Borer with Countersink 2.5mm 165mm £55.50 Leader line gripped by thumbscrew. Does not require use of extra crimps - less wasteful. Speed lock type action gives more ‘feel’ than ratchet type. Jaws designed specifically for crimping system. The literature tells us little about the correct tension. We recommend that the anterior draw is eliminated but that an outward rotation of the tibia is not created. Remember over tensioning is as big a technical error as under tensioning! Instructions on use on www.vetinst.com CCL LOOP TENSIONER 091132A 161 CCL Loop Tensioner 175mm £147.50